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March 14, 2011

How to build a really amazing personal brand

Your personal brand defines the values that you want to be known for in your organization. When people in the organization think of you, what do they see?

What attributes immediately come to mind for them? What words do people inside the organization use to describe you?

Your brand should be consistent with your personal ONLY statement.

If you have decided that your marketing skills and expertise address a critical organizational need and that only you possess them, your brand should be built around your engagement in the marketing revolution of your business.

Here is a process to build your brand:

1. Identify WHO you want to SERVE - the “foxes” who make the majority of career decisions in your organization;

2. Dissect your competition to understand the “brand field” you are competing with;

3. Create your ONLY Statement to define your uniqueness and separate yourself from your competitors;

4. Build your brand statement around your ONLY Statement; what you stand for must express your unmatched qualities;

5. Define the key elements of your brand;

6. Develop and continually practise the behaviors that demonstrate each brand element.

As you develop your personal brand, use the competitive analysis work that you have done on your main competitors. In addition to your own competencies, let their strengths and weaknesses guide you in your brand.

Ensure that your brand addresses the critical issue of the day for your organization by continually measuring and refreshing your only claim.

If your brand doesn’t respond to a compelling and relevant need that your business has, it will simply fall on deaf ears and be perceived as merely self serving.

However if it resonates with people and is consistent with a strategic imperative of the business, AND makes you the currency leader among your peers, your brand will lavish you with job satisfaction and career growth.

Develop a communication plan to expose your brand both internally and externally.

  — Offer to do presentations on your chosen brand topic.
  —Get quoted as a subject matter expert in any internal communications media your organization uses.
  — Write articles for your organization and for external publications on your brand content; be the thought leader.
  — Offer to talk to customers on your brand topic. Help them in any issues they have, and get known on the outside. In my case many of our customers were interested in what we were doing in the area of serving customers as well how we were transforming from a monopoly to a competitive business. I had many speaking engagements to air my brand.
  — Talk to the media on your topic. Make it interesting for them. Get them calling you. Your organization’s reputation will over time be influenced by you.


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