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May 12, 2011

How to not have a competitive advantage

To NOT have competitive position that resonates with people looking for an organization that is distinctive:

Say you’re better
Say you’re the best
Say you’re excellent

Say you’re exceptional
Say you’re number one
Say you’re in the top three
Say you’ve been around for 100 yrs.


Say you’ve got the lowest
Say you’ve got the most
Say you’ve got more
Say you’re the fastest

Say you’ve got the most comprehensive
Say you’ve got the most complete
Say you’ve got the biggest
Say that you’re ahead

The common herd says these things when trying to distinguish themselves from others.

It doesn’t work. It’s totally ineffective.

Aspirational claims like these don’t mean anything. Not specific enough. Can’t be interpreted into meaningful action by anyone. BUT it makes the herd feel good.

True competitive advantage comes from being both RELEVANT (satisfying a want or desire that people really care about) and UNIQUE (something that you do that no one else does).

Strive to be the ONLY ones that do what you do.

Spend time building your ONLY. Leave aspirational thinking aside. If you can’t be the ONLY you don’t have a competitive position.


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