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June 1, 2011

Create your strategic game plan in 2 days and execute on the 3rd!

How to build a BE DiFFERENT Strategy for your organization in just two days…... and execute it on the third!

- Do you have a strategy for your organization that recognizes the dramatic changes that have taken place in the markets you serve?
- Have you successfully carved out a distinctive and unique competitive position to guarantee success?
- Do you think you don’t have the time to spend creating a Plan to guide tour business into an uncertain future?
- Could you use the support of an experienced and skilled Executive Leader to guide your organization to a higher level?


If you have answered “YES” to these questions, talk to Roy about his Strategic Game Plan method.

He is the ONLY Business Advisor that offers this approach to creating Strategy FAST and ECONOMICALLY for any type of organization.

A Game Plan that focuses on Execution rather than pontificating on lofty goals that are rarely achieved.
A Game Plan based on Practices he successfully employed in his 30+ year career.
A Game Plan that will inspire your employees and colleagues.
A Game Plan like no other.
A Game Plan based on Simplicity: if it ain’t simple it probably wont get implemented.
A Game Plan that leverages what YOU know about your business, rather than requiring copious amounts of study and unnecessary analysis (no paralysis by analysis here!)

“Thanks again for leading us through the Strategic Game Plan Process for each of our Business Units with us this week; you made my job relatively easy. I think we now have a clear overall very challenging strategic plan to implement over the next 24 months, and as we both know what really matters now is the implementation and execution. I enjoyed working with you and look forward the reviewing our progress with you on a quarterly basis.”—Tom Rose, President and CEO, Layfield Group of Companies, Richmond BC

Here’s what you can expect from Roy’s Strategic Game Plan (SGP) Workshop:

- to learn Roy’s BE DiFFERENT Practices which are used as a guide to building your SGP
- to determine your Growth goals
- to decide the customers you want to allocate your scarce resources to
- to create your unique and distinctive Competitive Positioning Strategy based on the “Know Thy Competitor” Assessment
- to declare your ONLY Statement that separates your from your competition
- to set the critical Objectives necessary to deliver your SGP
- to assign Accountabilities and Time-frames for each Objective: WHO does WHAT by WHEN to complete each Objective
- to have an ENJOYABLE 2-day experience
- AND your entire team will get a Gift personalized copy of Roy’s groundbreaking book, BE DiFFERENT or be dead, now in its Second Edition

In short, after ONLY 2 days, you will have a Strategic Game Plan that can be executed as soon as you leave the Workshop.
AND you will have the confidence that the Plan will work because Roy has successfully used the BE DiFFERENT Practices he espouses and the SGP Process successfully not only in his Career but also with other businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

For a personal consultation on how a Strategic Game Plan can help you and your organization, please connect with Roy.

Check out my BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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