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January 6, 2014

This is what it means to be a crazy contrarian

CoNTRARIANS get noticed.

— They offend some; they amaze others.

— They don’t propagate the same-old same-old boring stuff everyone else does.

— They oppose every aspect of the status quo.

— They make people nervous.

— They are the topic of conversation.

— Their friends are weird.


CoNTRARIANS get remarked about.

— They get quoted.

— They add a different dimension to the conversation.

— They are admired for their outspokenness.

— They attract a quirky different following than everyone else.

— They are copied by other divergents.

Pick a CoNTRARIAN point of view and shout it out.

LOUDLY because there is way too much clutter to be heard if you don’t.

And celebrate whatever you get back.


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