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April 8, 2013

This is what happens when you desire comfy food

We all have our comfy food.

Food that makes us feel good. Food that takes away the pain when we hurt. Food that smooths the feelings of anxiety and apprehension when we are in a stressful situation.

Ice cream. Banana splits. Chocolate. Cheese cake. It’s different for everyone.


But when we discover our comfy food, we rarely go to anything else. If chocolate ice cream soothes us, we tend to stay with it.

People in organizations behave similarly. They get on a track that is familiar.

They repeat the things that worked before; things that they know and understand.

They don’t venture out of their comfort zone. It’s risky out there. It’s unknown. It will feel different. We might not succeed.

Unfortunately, comfy food robs us of taking on the new stuff that will help us and our organization grow.

And we don’t have sufficient time at our disposal to both continue to eat comfy food AND try new food that will supply us with a different experience and renew us in some way.

Make a choice.

Choose comfy food. Stay with the tried and true all the way to the bottom.

Or, choose The NEW and open up the possibilities to grow and flourish.


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