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December 16, 2013

Why are relief pitchers so important to the game?

Baseball does this as a matter of course.

They KNOW their “Plan A” starter might not complete the game.

The Relief “Plan B” guy waits in the wings to be called on to pick up the action if Plan A goes south.

A Plan B strategy is normal in baseball. Every team has one. Each team wants to have the best stable of Relief Pitchers in the league because they are a key ingredient to winning.

The consistent winners covet strong relief pitchers.; it’s their competitive advantage.

The baseball model is a relevant template for ANY organization looking to win consistently.

Spend as much time figuring out what Plan B looks like when Plan A doesn’t pan out.

Plan A NEVER works the way it was conceived, so it makes sense to have a back-up, right?

If it’s so obvious, then why do so few organizations PLAN for the unsuccessful Starter?

Contingencies. Back-ups. What-if’s.

All key ingredients to winning in a volatile economy and highly competitive marketplace.


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