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August 19, 2013

What happens when you study the person not the population?

All marketing studies have one thing (a very BIG thing) in common.

They are based on observations of POPULATION behavior;  the characteristics of the masses (represented by the “average” person in the population) determine the conclusions of the study.

Nothing wrong with this outcome, but you really don’t get meaningful insights on how individual PEOPLE are likely to behave based on their unique character.

And if your insights are off the mark, the effectiveness if any marketing program based on these insights will fall short of its goals.

Pose your question to a PERSON not the population.

Person-research will yield many conclusions; one for each person you talk to.

And each conclusion will be valid unlike conclusions from population research which will be valid for some individuals (who just happen to be exactly identical to the population profile) and invalid for others (whose special unique characteristics don’t match the population profile.)

Better to have 100 different conclusions from 100 individual people rather than 1 conclusion based on the “average” person in a population of 100.

Better to have 100 different marketing plans each designed for success than 1 plan targeted to an average profile with a dubious outcome.

Keep segmenting your market until you are nose-to-nose with a PERSON.

Study the PERSON.

Create a marketing plan for the PERSON.


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