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January 4, 2019

5 ultimate ways to be insanely more hireable — guest post


It’s a tough job market out there. You need to stand out from all other candidates in order to get hired and to do that, you will not only need skills, you will also have to be passionate and dedicated to attract employers.

And you will need to be eager to learn more.

However, sometimes the competition is so fierce that you simply have to take your odds from good to great. Some improvements may take some time, while others you can obtain fast, but nonetheless, they are all a contributing factor to your future employment.

To succeed, you need to use some of the following ultimate ways to educate yourself in order to be more hireable in the job market of the 21st century.

Become a storyteller

Employers are interested in your college education, high school, and other accomplishments. Those will determine if you fit the requirements for the job so they don’t waste time interviewing unqualified persons.
But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be creative and leave a positive impression from the first communication you have with the prospective employer.

Since you should keep the resume professional, concentrate on a motivation letter in order to make your voice unique. Do some research about the employer and tell them a story of why you are the best candidate for the job.
Essentially, you have to become a storyteller and describe yourself professionally and personally in an interesting and charming kind of way.


Add value before you’re hired or interviewed

Adding value to your resume doesn’t end when you fill in all the necessary fields. Once you have all the facts in front of you, it is time to tailor your resume for every job ad you apply to.
Omit the facts that are unimportant for certain employer and thus highlight the values that matter.

To do this, you have to prepare a new resume for each employer and make certain qualities and experience stand out. Ask yourself what is the best you can offer to the employer and let that be the center of your resume with appropriate evidence.

Employers like to see resumes specifically made for them since that shows them you are truly interested in their job offer.

Find a mentor or a partner

Instead of doing it all alone, find a mentor or a partner to learn more about the job you are applying to.
This is actually an effective solution for those who need to know more details about what to expect from the future job position. Ask a friend or search your social media for people who have some expertise in the matter and can explain some things to you.

LinkedIn, forums, Reddit and other online communities can offer valuable insights and also help you broaden your network. If you know someone who works at the employer who posted the ad, see if they are willing to tell you more about the conditions and what the job entails.
Everything is easier with a mentor or a partner, so don’t be shy and ask for help in order to prepare for the job interview.

Dig into available resources

There is always an opportunity to learn new skills and expand your knowledge. If you are a foreigner looking for a job abroad, attending an English college, for example, would get your proficiency in the language.
In case you want to broaden your knowledge of Microsoft Office, a certificate that states you completed a course would certainly improve your chances to get the job.

However, it’s important to stay focused when it comes to acquiring certificates and attending courses. If you start randomly obtaining certificates, the employer may see you as too scattered and someone without a goal.
And when it comes to hiring, employers want a person that is dependable and resolute, not undecided what they want to be.


Do the research

Research is a crucial way to educate yourself and be more hireable in the 21st century when basically everything is available on social media.

Start off by doing the research about the employer and the person who will perform the interviews. That way you can find out what approach to take, how to dress and how to make yourself more interesting and appealing during the job interview.

Then, do the research about the job position the employer is offering even though it may sound familiar enough. The same job title at different companies may include various obligations and this where research would be of great help.

By knowing these facts you would be able to better understand what the job requires and tell the employer why you can do it successfully.

In the end

In order to be hireable in the 21st century, you can’t be lazy and simply apply wherever you can. Clean your social media accounts and tailor the resume specifically for every job offer you apply to. That way you will highlight your qualities and help employers see that you would be a great addition to the team.

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur, self-development ambassador and an avid dog lover. She believes all people are born equal but only those dedicated and brave enough to work on themselves reach their full potential.

Leila Dorari

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