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May 21, 2012

5 proven ways to effectively mismanage your time

If you really want to be ineffective, and a time waster here are 5 things you can do.

1. Put a to do list together of at least 10 things to be done. This will show your intent to do a lot of things but will guarantee that you will make little progress in any of them despite the huge amount of time you spend on them. Brainstorming and then multitasking is a great way to look really busy and waste time.

2. Kiss up to your boss. Focus on what THEY want. Ignore the priorities of the organization and just look to your boss for a sense of what you should be doing. Devote your day to asking what you can do for them. Ignore your strategic plan.

3. Write activity reports on what you’ve been up to. Include every move note detail — meetings, who were there, conferences attended and so on. Share your reports with everyone you can think of. Make sure people know that you are a busy bee.

Time mismanagement

4. Send emails when you have something to say — and make every message sound complicated because it communicates how important you are. Never have face-to-face meetings with people. They can be upsetting sometimes and could force you to answer questions you’d rather avoid.

5. Stay late at the office and make sure everyone knows you’re doing it. The more time you put in, the more activities you are engaged in. Therefore you get the most out of the time available. And be sure to include your hours in your activity reports along with a complicated sounding reason you decided to put in the extra time.

It’s not easy mismanaging your time, but if you follow these 5 actions you’d be surprised about how little you will accomplish.


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