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May 7, 2012

10 simple dirty rules you should know to succeed


Achieve your goals. Hit your targets. Nail your objectives.

Achieving anything substantial in my experience is an ugly matter.

Rarely do things go as originally planned. Stuff happens as they say.

The unpredictable rears it’s head. You have to scramble to get back on track. People sometimes don’t cooperate with you or keep their promises to you. It’s messy.

A dirty affair, really, this achievement thing.

The reality is, though, if you are NOT prepared to get dirty, chances are you won’t reach your desired destination.


What does “get dirty” look like?

1. Make fast decisions.

2. Have Plan B ready-to-go.

3. Embrace imperfection. Live it.

4. Do it. Try it. Fix it.

5. Work late hours.

6. Work outside your comfort zone. If you’re not uncomfortable you are playing it too safe and are likely to be called Mr Clean.

7. Bend the rules that prevent you from getting it done. Find someone who will protect your back.

8. Do what needs to be done. Forget the job description and formal position responsibilities.

9. Eat lots of burgers and fries. Fast food fits your personal situation and you need all the comfy food you can get.

10. Make mistakes. Lots of ‘em but make sure you learn something from each and every one of them.

Clean hands typifies someone who conjures up pristine theoretical solutions but has difficulty delivering.

Dirty hands describes the practical person who is prepared to dive into the grunge to deliver.

Want to succeed?

Take a look at your hands.


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