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May 24, 2010

How do people programs make service plans successful?

The relationship between HR programs and the ability to deliver a service strategy is critical.

Why are people programs so important? Because programs built for people have an automatic influence on how they behave on a day-to-day basis which, in turn, has a profound impact on delivering dazzling service experiences to customers.

People plan

Here are six critical people programs to effectively implement service strategy.

1. Recruitment - people that “love” other humans are critical to building stand-out service experience. Re-shape the career postings to look for these people; morph the interview guides to explore this attribute in potential candidates.

2. Recognition and reward - imprint these programs on the behaviors and outcomes demanded by your service strategy. Employees need to see when the right stuff is happening; seeing others get the plaudits will drive this home.

3. Leadership development - build servant leaders; establish a strong thrust to get people asking “How can I help?” rather than “Do this!”

4. Mentorship - encourage connectivity with others in the organization that personify the skills and competencies valued to deliver mind-blowing service.

5. Union working agreement - this is HUGE… the terms and conditions of the Agreement must facilitate not impede the execution of your service strategy. Seniority and other parochial expectations have nothing to do with dazzling customers.

6. Internal communications - ensure all employee communications is heavily focused on talking about service - successes, failures, service “heros” and customer feedback. Keep service alive with the people that make it so, 24X7.


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