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January 26, 2012

How to build a killer marketing loyalty program

Every marketer is trying to build a better loyalty program that will hold customers forever.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

1. A loyalty program should be RELEVANT (something your fans care about). It should carry some degree of personalization and not be for the masses. If it’s for the masses, it’s for nobody.

2. A loyalty program should be UNIQUE (something they can ONLY get from you). Doing the same thing as everyone else diminishes its value to the point of making it worthless.

Killer loyalty

3. Tailor your program around your top customers in terms of what they care about. Design it for THEM.

4. Observe what the competition is doing, but act on what your fans are telling you. Many organizations design something on the basis of what their competition is doing. Chasing your competition is unproductive; listen to your fans.

5. Build an ONLY Statement for the loyalty program. “Our loyalty program is the ONLY one that….” would separate you from others and make it easy to communicate it.

6. Avoid benchmarking other plans unless you want to exercise the “contrarian marketing tool” and go the opposite way. Copying best of breed might allow your status in the herd to improve, but it won’t allow you to stand-out from any other member of it.

7. Consider greater benefits to those who have been with you the longest. Someone who has been with you for 10 years is worth more than someone who has been loyal for 2 years. Treat the 10 year old accordingly by delivering more benefits to them.

8. Design a communications strategy to support your plan to be constantly engaging with your members. Constantly tweak the plan based on fan feedback.

9. Test the plan design with your fans. Make sure it addresses their high priority wants and desires.

10. Personalize the program. Have a variety of versions based on the unique desires of your various fans. The one-size fits all approach is what others do and it isnt as effective as taking the specialization approach.

11. Give loyalty club members a special “Fan Club Service Line” to call when they need to talk to you. Differentiated levels of service is an appropriate way to recognize the relative value of customer groups.


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November 10, 2011

How to get rich by giving stuff away

Give stuff away and get rich. Think it can be done?

You’ve heard of the lost leader product which is often sold at below cost to get the buyer’s attention and to convince them to buy another offering. A cut priced pair of shoes just might entice her to pay full pop for a matching purse.

The other approach used is “bait and switch”: lure someone in by a tempting offer on one product bit then get them to buy another priced more expensively.

FREE in the sense of business building refers to neither of the above marketing strategies; it refers to gift giving. The giving of something of value unconditionally, expecting nothing in return.


The shameless act, as Seth Godin says, of passing your art to someone else, hoping you make a difference in their life.

Effective gift giving is all about intent. If your intent is to fool the receiver into believing you are earnest when you’re not, you will be discovered for your dishonesty and lose business.

You will be found out and punished for your lack of integrity.

Pure gift giving has an amazing upside. First of all, the recipient is surprised with your unselfish act.

They will most assuredly accept your gift with thanks and will spread the word of your gift giving to their friends and colleagues.

And, when faced with the opportunity to do so, will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. They will also continue to reward your selfishness with repeat buying; in fact they will feel obligated to do so.

So, give a gift. Give it unconditionally. Unselfishly. Openly. With no ulterior motive to sell something. With no eye on a commercial transaction.

When you do, watch the magic.


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October 31, 2011

What does a hidden customer SECRET look like?

We basically have our needs satisfied these days; purchase products and services on the basis of what we want and desire.

Wants and desires, in turn, are driven by the secrets we hold as unique individuals. And if we can discover the secrets of our prospect we will be in a good position to deliver something that they want or desire.

What’s a SECRET?

What are the dimensions of a person’s life that matter the most to them?

What are the emotional drivers that make her who she is? What makes her happy?

All questions that lead to secret discovery.

A secret reveals itself as a habit, bias, dream, hope, skill, competency, lifestyle choice. family priority, ego drive, friendship affinity, recreation or entertainment choice.


A secret speaks to who they are and what makes them tick.

Dig and discover. Ask questions. Learn. Use secrets to power your marketing machine.

Reap the rewards of a fan who will shout you to others.


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October 27, 2011

The odds of winning at mass marketing are less than blackjack

The odds of winning at blackjack are low. And hitting a jackpot at the slots is but a remote possibility.

But businesses that continue to target the “average” customer through traditional mass market media have even a lower chance if success.

These organizations continue to invest ridiculous sums of money in this shotgun method hoping their message will land on someone who will fall for their value proposition and buy their product or service.

The reality is that products diluted to try to appeal to everyone and marketing messages pushed to huge audiences resonate with no one.


Those who continue to follow this approach are taking a huge gamble with their money.

Save it for blackjack.

You should at least have fun losing your money.


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