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February 24, 2014

Permission granted, you should do absolutely nothing

I am constantly amazed at people who offer up reasons why something won’t work.

Why it shouldn’t even be attempted because of the problems in delivering the end result.

It’s like they are giving themselves permission to NOT DO.

My counsel is always: there will be plenty of barriers that others will raise. Why do it to yourself?

Sometimes not doing something is due to the belief that perfection can’t be attained. If the “perfect” result can’t be achieved, why bother starting the journey?

Or it’s from the belief that it will be shot down by “the cops” or Gatekeepers in the organization who seem to be there to prevent progress.

Seth Godin would say that it’s the lizard brain at work.

Whatever the reason, if it’s the right thing to do, do it.

Corollary: If you are able to only make an inch of progress towards the right thing, do it.

Can you imagine if all 500 employees followed this simple philosophy? WOW! The change we would make.

The progress we would achieve.

The Culture we would create.

It starts end ends with YOU.


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February 17, 2014

How should you actually market in a horrific storm?

Marketing in the storm is essential in today’s chaotic and highly unpredictable world.

Storm Marketing is disruptive thinking.

It’s a mutation of the old way of practicing marketing.

It’s about creating discontinuity of thought; breaking away from conventional marketing wisdom.

“Mutate now and avoid the rush.” – John Stephens, Ozzie and Friend

It is not merely a change in thinking; but rather a NEW thought process.

It’s a revolutionary separation from the old marketing principles rather than evolutionary and incremental change.

It’s a rebuild to define how marketing must look to meet the challenges of The Storm; it’s NOT merely a modification of traditional marketing ways.

It’s the marketing technology that will separate the beneficiaries and survivors of The Storm from those that are consumed and destroyed by it.

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February 10, 2014

What does marketing in the storm look like?

The Sea: rogue waves - heaving tumultuous water - howling winds - black menacing clouds - deafening thunder - crackling lightning - violent and frightening.

Competition: burgeoning - hungry - desperate.

The environment: random - unpredictable - uncertain - anxious - chaotic - hysterical – angry.

Customers: fickle – demanding - intelligent – powerful - vocal, who speak their truth about how organizations serve them - socially connected - environmentally concerned - socially responsible - technology-savvy - opinionated - price conscious - value-driven.

The Internet: an engaging and connected world - a voice for everyone.

Welcome to The Storm; the landscape facing entrepreneurs and business people today.

What’s the path to succeed and survive The Storm?

There is no simple answer, but there are some navigation buoys to observe in the maelstrom:

1. Stay close to your customers. Open yourself to them. “Attach” yourself to them as they experience a fast moving and uncertain world. Move with them. Respond to how they deal with their reality. It’s like riding a bucking bronco. Hang on. Go with the forces that drive you.

2. Pick a course of action based on the best information you have available to you at the time.

3. Move from that course FAST, when things change.

4. Stay focused. Be nimble.

The Storm dictates that customer-obsessed MARKETING is vital to the success and survival of any business these days.

If you can’t market in The Storm you’re either dead or soon will be.

The Storm dictates that traditional marketing practices, on their way to irrelevance, must change.

It’s over. The old marketing pedagogy that guided marketers is done.

Not enough marketers are waking up to The Storm.

And the business schools aren’t doing students any favors in terms of preparing them for it. They are not actively facilitating the move away from the old marketing ways to the marketing tools that will give organizations a shot at weathering The Storm.

Business students don’t learn Storm Marketing competencies so how can they contribute to business survival when they get out in the real world?

Much marketing these days is BORING It’s lazy. It’s forgettable. It’s unimaginative. It’s unremarkable. It’s deadly in The Storm.

Today it seems to be all about pushing products and services with a features and benefits bent. It’s all about price.

It’s communications to the masses approach invades one’s privacy; it’s obtrusive.

It’s about copying what others are doing; infatuation with Best in Class and Best of Breed.

And there is confusion.

Some talk about marketing but what they really mean is sales. Some talk about marketing but what they really mean is advertising and communications. Some talk about marketing but what they really mean is brand management.

Hell, even same-old marketing is misunderstood.

What a challenge to start a conversation about morphing to Storm Marketing.

So let’s begin…


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