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January 25, 2010

Lady Gaga Lives BE DiFFERENT


I read a blog recently on the Business Insider War Room titled ‘The 5 Things That Startups Can Learn From Lady Gaga’ by Charlie O’Donnell that I found extremely interesting as it resonated with the BE DiFFERENT Principles and Practices that I advocate in my book.

The learning’s from Lady Gaga are definitely worth repeating and I would suggest are not limited to start-ups. Her success factors apply to all organizations looking to be successful in the fast pace and highly changing world we live in.

1. Be Remarkable - Her costumes are “ outlandish that you can’t help but notice.” Organizations need to learn how to be remarkable in terms of satisfying the needs, wants and desires of their target customers in a way their competitors can’t. Their value proposition needs to be compelling and unique so they will be remembered.

2. Repeat the message as often as possible - “Many of Gaga’s lyrics and sounds are repeated one right after another—simple, but memorable when listened to over and over again.” There is too much message clutter out there. People are often left to their own devices to sort out who can best serve their needs. Make it easy for them. Create your Strategic Game Plan and communicate it far and wide so the market (and your employees) will know what you are all about. Compose your only claim and use it frequently as your elevator speech.

3. Be Relentless - “...just when one Lady Gaga song starts losing steam—BOOM—here comes another tune that you just can’t get out of your head, seemingly once every couple of months.” Continuous renewal in business is critical. If the inside of your organization doesn’t keep pace with the market dynamics impacting it, death is near!. A constant flow of Holistic value-based must be presented to the market to maintain competitive differentiation and customer satisfaction.

4. Create something bigger than the individual - “Lady Gaga did this by creating a persona separate from her real self. ... Gaga has become larger than life.” Are you in the product-flogging business or the Value creation business? A focus on VALUE will lead you to a higher level of customer delight where your organization exists to create experiences that are life-based.

5. Repeat success - “Lady Gaga has clearly been influenced by Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and others—and she seamlessly and subtly incorporates little homages to these superstars into her performance.” But the important take-away here is that she did more than merely copy these other performers. She vaulted beyond them to create a BE DiFFERENT persona. The same lesson here for business. It’s ok to be influenced by and emulate other ‘best in class’ organizations, but go beyond them to claim your unique position that will separate you from the pack. Copying is the enemy of BE DiFFERENT.

Cheers, Roy Osing
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