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May 17, 2010

How to build “customer learning” as a core competency

Customer Learning is an essential component of “customerization: the practice of creating packages of value for a select targeted group of customers as opposed to the more traditional marketing approach of promoting products to mass markets.

Customer Learning is beyond market research. It is a continuous process of learning about customers and uses employees as the primary instruments to do the learning work.

Customer Learning won’t get established in your organization by a wish and a prayer.


It requires a clear strategy supported by continuous investment.

Here are some support activities designed to create the appropriate learning behavior in your organization:
- constant communication to employees on the strategic importance of continually learning about what customers desire.
- reinforcement that Customer Learning is a core competency of the organization that will determine it’s success or failure.
- incorporating the learning responsibility into the performance management program. Clarify the expectation that learning is an integral part of every employee’s job.
- recruiting individuals with the intrinsic ability to relate to people and develop credible relationships with them.
- developing specific learning objectives to be a critical component of the annual performance plan for every employee.
- constantly recognizing those who perform their learning responsibility in an exemplary manner. Customer Learning heroes need to be honored in front of the entire organization.
- regular employee learning events to share what people have learned about customers with others and to discuss how the learnings have been turned into marketing opportunities for the organization.

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