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August 15, 2016

5 ways to get dignity and respect as a customer

I have seen people attract nightmare service and I have seen others attract caring, respectful and dazzling service.

From the same organization.

From the same server or customer service rep.

Despite the fact that an organization has a strong customer service culture and employees are recruited and trained to deliver amazing service, the customer controls much of “the moment” and it’s outcome.

Customers can do these 5 things to at least have a fighting chance for a memorable service experience.

(FYI, I suck at most of these but in a rare moment when I actually practice what I preach, I am amazed with the results I am able to get. I continue to try harder….)

1. Don’t bitch about the line up. I know it’s more than annoying but I guarantee that laying out your frustration on the server will get you less of what you want not what you expect. Empathy and cheerfulness will reap you the unexpected rewards.

2. Lose the righteous customer attitude. You are not superior to them. Bullying those who serve is a terrible behaviour on so many levels. Try treating them as an equal human being with feelings and watch the magic that results.

3. Smile and be light hearted in your demeanour. Happiness creates the right atmosphere for a delightful experience; gloom, doom and frowns is ominous foreshadowing and puts the server on guard rather than being open to serve.

4. Try to be gentle if there is a screw up and your expectations are not met. In fact since you are dealing with a system comprised mostly of human beings I think it’s a good idea to LOWER one’s expectations to stand a better chance of being satisfied.

5. Ask for the manager ONLY if there is no other option. Avoid the temptation to jump to this action too early. Give the server the opportunity to solve whatever problem you’re having and redeem themselves. No one likes to be disempowered from making it right with a customer.

In a perfect world, organizations with a customer centric strategy would deliver flawless service to us consistently.

But we live in an imperfect world where our outcomes in large part depend on what WE do and how WE behave in a service situation.

Give it a try.


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