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April 24, 2009

An Organization Makeover


You don’t have unlimited bandwidth so here are a couple of BE DiFFERENT Acts that can get you going.

First, create The ONLY Statement for your organization that clearly states how you are different from your competitors. I call this the ultimate manifestation of BEING DiFFERENT and if you can craft the statement you are well on your way to separating yourself from the pack. It goes like this: ‘We are the only ones that…...’ and is a great opportunity for a team of people to do some revolutionary work.

Second, move your marketing efforts from a ‘product push’ approach to the BE DiFFERENT Practice of creating packaged value. Consider that you are in the value creation business as opposed to supplying a particular product or service. Value creation is a liberating notion for marketeers. It asks the question ‘What are the holistic ‘needs plus secrets’ of the chosen customer target group and then ‘How can we package a number of relevant and compelling value elements synergistically that satisfy the overall requirement identified?’ In the value creation context, a product or service suddenly becomes a value element that, when combined with other value elements produces value that is hard for anyone else to copy.

And it can be premium priced! The value package is the salvation to those who are trapped in the bundling world of price discounting. I am getting tired of seeing bundles built around the notion that the more you buy, the greater the discount applied. Price is intended to reflect value. The more the value the higher the price. Pretty simple, but generally not applied in the bundling world.

The BE DiFFERENT only statement and creating value packages for your chosen customers. Two ways to get you going to makeover your organization.
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