Roy's Blog: April 2015

April 20, 2015

Why certain #leaders are “loved”

There are leaders who are respected.

And then there are those who are admired and cherished.

These are the leaders that create followers without really thinking about it.

These are the leaders who capture the hearts, minds and souls of people who are dedicated to them no matter what.

“Loved” leaders:

- like human beings more than delivering quarterly earnings
- are human, exhibiting and willing to share all the flaws that come with the territory
- exist to serve people
- spend most of their time out of their office; their status symbol gathers dust
- have an amazing memory; they remember people’s names
- are informal; they even curse on occasion
- make promises and always keep them
- walkabout on their own sans an entourage
- are believable
- do what they say
- “eat their own dog food”
- covet simplicity
- are infatuated with customers
- spend time regularly with the frontline
- cancel internal meetings to honor a customer commitment
- communicate face to face rather than by email
- shout out when they make a mistake

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April 15, 2015

Don’t go there!

Observe what others are doing, and DON’T go there…

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April 13, 2015

Do NOT change your brand unless…


I am frequently asked to comment on marketing and business brands. From a creative point of view, some are quite clever, yet I generally refuse comment. Why? Because I first need to know what the business is trying to achieve. What is the overall business and communications strategy of the organization?

To evaluate anything you need strategic context.

In my work, I talk about the importance of “looking up” to your strategy to provide specific direction on tactics and programs. In the same way you need strategy clearly defined before you can decide on the appropriate tactic to employ. I see many organizations today wallowing in tactics without a strategic rudder. The problem is their business doesn’t translate into performance because they don’t have the strategic metrics to guide them.

A decision on your brand requires a clear understanding of the strategy you want to employ. Alternative brands are then evaluated in terms of how well each serves the strategy; how well each expresses it to your target customers.

A brand is intended to convey your value proposition in a clear and compelling way. The debate within an organization should be around this issue and not be based on personal bias and emotional criteria (which ends up to be the case most of the time).

Conversely, if you want to change your brand it should be for one of two reasons: either your current brand doesn’t reflect your current strategy as effectively as it should, or, you have changed your strategy and need to reassess your brand accordingly.

You shouldn’t be changing it because it is stale dated or it isn’t sexy enough. If you do, you run the risk of confusing your customers who may just presume that you are now something else - an outcome you didn’t intend.

Don’t change your brand unless it is no longer satisfying the strategy of the organization.

Here is the process to create an appropriate brand:
1. Develop your strategic game plan.
2. Ensure your “ONLY” claim is clear and concise.
3. Determine your communications strategy to serve your game plan.
4. Articulate the message you intend to send your target customers.
5. NOW look at a number of alternative creative executions to deliver the message, and select the one that best serves your strategy.


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April 9, 2015

Flawless #execution requires a “three-thing” focus

If you can’t execute, nothing happens; effective execution requires vigilant FOCUS on the critical things. Chasing stuff dilutes your efforts and accomplishes nothing.

I am an advocate of doing as little as possible to get the job done; we have neither the time, energy nor money to do it all.

Roy’s rule of three: focus on three things that determine 80% of what you want to achieve and DO THEM brilliantly!

In the following articles, I crystalize in three points what you need to do to achieve extraordinary gains in areas vital to us as individuals and to the organizations we live in.

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Marketing must morph… How to be a stand-out marketer

Your brilliant idea will die unless… How to start a new business that DOESN’T fail

If you’re not the ONLY, who are you… How to be the ONLY one that does what you do


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