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May 2, 2012

Guest Blog - Frankly Speaking / Being Different or Being Bland

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Another Brilliant Article from Frank Palmer to his team at DDB. Words of Wisdom…

Bland is just another word for being boring.

Usually when we talk about something that’s bland, it’s a food, but it can also be a company that has no special or unique qualities. It’s company that has no features, displays no excitement, has no opinions or special character. Bland can also describe a person that’s boring and has very little taste.

Why is Apple a exciting brand and most others in the same category are bland or dull? Apple is a brand that all others follow. So what makes a company or a person stand out from the crowd? Apple’s slogan maybe says it all?  Think Different.

Think Different says a lot to me. It means standing out from the crowd or going the extra mile. For a person who wishes to get ahead the same thing applies.You need to stand out from the crowd and you need to go the extra mile. It’s about living your best and being your best. It also means embracing your individuality and trusting that your choices are the best ones. You need to always be projecting that you are confident about yourself.

Remember that you are also a brand and start thinking of yourself as a business.

For example: DDB as a company must always focus on positioning ourselves as a business that has the best solutions for our clients requirements. We need to remember that we are there to service their needs, issues, challenges and future success. We must always be seen as the leader in the field, on the cutting /leading edge and on top of all the current trends. We are moving a warp speed and not being seen as the leading brand, we become like all the others as being bland. I think that 99% of businesses today are bland, boring, blah where everything has become a commodity.

Fortunately we are all working in one of the most exciting industries around. We have the freedom to create, imagine, innovate and think outside the box. Our biggest bank asset is in our value to think. Our mission is to being seen as a company that’s seen as extraordinary. A company that doesn’t fit into the bland mould because we are our own individual unique mould.

Different and Unique. Same rules apply to you!

Maybe your slogan should be: Doing things differently. Standing out from the crowd means that you take action while everyone else stands back. Standing out is doing what you say you’ll do and then do it. My question to you is, do you want to stand out or are you comfortable being bland? Or do you want to be seen as exciting, compelling and intriguing?

It’s your choice.


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April 30, 2012

What’s your BE DiFFERENT IQ?


I have often said there is no Silver Bullet to BE DiFFERENT. No single thing you can do that will vault you to a relevant and unique VALUE provider. No one act that will bring you into focus and separate you from the Faceless Herd.

The BE DiFFERENT journey, rather, is about doing a lot of the right things. The LITTLE things that are really “uncommon sense” (if it were common sense you would think more organizations would be doing them!)

My work is pretty basic. Simple. Uncommon sense. I have discovered and successfully implemented Practices that DO propel an organization to make a GaSPWORTHY and commanding competitive position in their markets.

People come up to me after a Seminar or Workshop and comment how straightforward my stuff is and how refreshing it is to have a Business Leader like me get down to ground zero tactics that actually work.  Makes my day.

What is your IQ on the things that need to be out in place to BE DiFFERENT?

Take my QUIZ to learn where you think you are on the journey.

An opportunity to sort out where to focus your priority to expedite your progress.

The QUIZ promotes honesty. Take in a private place where “no one is watching”. Be brutal with your answers. Only then will you be able to make productive moves.

Take the QUIZ with your team. Use the process to build a broader honest view of where you are. And be prepared for team spirit to soar.

Just do it - Begin - Stay focused - Execute - Endure the pain - Enjoy the success - Reap the rewards.


Check out my BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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April 23, 2012

Customers are way to much trouble!

They are annoying.

They come late and expect us to stay open.

They come early and expect us to open.

They don’t like some of our staff.

They have attitude.

They change their mind.

They are too sensitive about getting their needs met.

They tell their friends how bad we are when we make a mistake or break a promise.

They are always looking for a deal.

They are inflexible; always want to get exactly what they asked for.

They always criticize but rarely praise what we do.

They complain about our prices.

They expect to be served by friendly staff regardless of the crumby day we are having.

They never seem to be satisfied.


They think they are the only ones we have to take care of. It’s all about them.

They stress-out our staff.

They shop around; their loyalty is inconsistent. They don’t seem to appreciate what we do for them.

Some days it makes you think another line of work would be preferable. Problem is you can’t avoid customers. Gotta figure out how to live with these unpredictable and demanding folks since we can’t live without ‘em.

What’s your “gotta live with ‘em” Strategy?


Check out my BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series



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April 16, 2012

The skinny on how to protect your “endangered species”

Who’s on your endangered list?

Your top ten (or 20 or 30…) revenue producers. The folks that give you a disproportionate amount of your cash flow. The people who have been loyal to you for years. They give a damn about you and what you do.

The people who, if you lose, will cause major harm to your business. The people who, when they leave, will spread a negative word about you to their friends and associates.

What are you doing to protect them from competitive assault and to immunize them from catching someone else’s “value virus”?

Here are 3 things that have worked for me.

1. Engage with them REGULARLY. Call them personally. Never delegate this to others. They are extremely important to your well-being so what is more important than giving them your PERSONAL ATTENTION? Nothing! Book it on your calendar. Make it matter. Put it ahead of everything else. NEVER postpone or cancel.

2. Offer any special promotion the them FIRST. Never try to entice someone to leave their current supplier and come over to you with a promotional deal without providing a better deal to your Loyalists FIRST. It’s an insult to your fans to offer a carrot to a non-customer while ignoring those who made you successful.

3. Establish a dedicated customer service line for this group. Special customers deserve special treatment everyday. Your “endangered species team” should be all-ways on for them 24X7 If they have literally ANY issue, your team will be there to take care of them.
Make a big deal of this. Communicate “the team” internally and explain why you are doing it. Have a personal face-to-face meeting with each endangered customer and tell them what you are doing and why. This is your opportunity to reiterate how important they are to and how much they mean to your organization.

3 things that will prevent your most critical loyal customers from entering the zone of extinction.

Have a go.

You have everything to lose if you don’t.


Check out my BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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