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February 13, 2012

Dumb Rules: Barriers to Distinction and Unforgettability


I read an article in our Vancouver Sun newspaper reporting that “UBC’s Sauder School of Business encourages the questioning of routines that aren’t in the best interest of a company”.

The Article, based on a recent book, Hacking Work, by Bill Jensen and Josh Klein, was titled: “School wants students to break dumb rules for smart results” and was all about encouraging students to eliminate the “Corporate Rules” got in the way of job efficiency and effectiveness.

The message: eliminate the dumb rules in your organization that prevent you from doing your job in the most productive way possible. Full stop.

This is another approach, recognized by the Harvard Business Review as one of the top 10 “breakthrough ideas” for 2010, that simply does not go far enough. It is focused internally. The benefits realized are improved productivity, lower costs and happier employees. Nothing wrong with this… BUT

What about your customer? Your Fan? The person who is responsible for your existence?

I have written extensively about the need to cleanse the internal customer service organizational environment of Dumb Rules and Stupid Things that didn’t make any sense to your customers. Look for a Rule, Policy or Procedure that gets in the way of Dazzling your Fans. Remove an obstacle to your Frontline that prevents THEM from serving and delighting them.

The internal cleansing priority MUST be your Fans. I’m not saying that killing rules that drive work dysfunction is not important. It is. But with limited resources and time available to any organization, we must do the REALLY important things first. What is more important that removing the stuff that annoys your Fans and forces them to go elsewhere? Exactly….

I suspect that you will achieve both goals by a Fan focus. Destroying those little-BIG bureaucratic procedures that drive your customers crazy will also improve job productivity and employee satisfaction.

Form a Dumb Rules Committee in your organization and empower people to seek out this dysfunctional stuff. And ACT on what they discover. If you do nothing with their findings your credibility and believability goes down to zero and your next attempt at engaging your employees will be met with (earned) skepticism and reluctance.

You will be surprised with the energy and passion that is released through this simple Dumb Rules exercise and the employee commitment and loyalty that is built. People will have FUN and spread the word that you really intend to be customer-obsessed. Actions scream out your intent. Do it.

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February 9, 2012

5 Little BIG Things That Will Super Charge Your Career


If you’re not happy with the progression you are making in your career, follow these 5 steps that will power you forward.

1. Define the position you want in 24 months. Sales Director? VP Marketing? Call Center Manager?Having a target will focus your efforts in developing your Career Action Plan. No Target = Diffused Effort, and a low success rate.

2. Find a Mentor. EVERYONE needs advice and help Pick one who is skilled in your Target Position.

3. Identify the Foxes that are the key decision-makers in your next career move. Treat them as your target market. Get to know each one of them and what makes them great. Make sure they know YOU.

4. Make a list of THREE things you need to do over the next 90 days to make you more qualified for your Target Position. Do them!

5. Create your ONLY Statement and work it every minute of every day. ONLY is how to define your uniqueness among The Herd of people competing for scarce jobs. “I am the ONLY one that…” will serve you well in an environment where generics run. If you can’t create an ONLY, you won’t get noticed and your career goals will likely elude you.

Try these. TODAY. I guarantee they WILL make a difference.

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February 6, 2012

BE DiFFERENT on the Threes - BE The ONLY One That Does What You Do

THREES - Sales Relationship Building
THREES - Dazzling Customer Service
THREES - Strategic Planning
BE DiFFERENT on the Threes

The ONLY Statement is the ultimate manifestation of your Distinctiveness; your Uniqueness. If you can’t claim that “We are the ONLY ones that…” you’re part of the competitive Herd awash with Sameness and commodity suppliers. Jerry Garcia, of The Grateful Dead said it this way: ” “You don’t want merely to be the best of the best. You want to be the ONLY one’s who do what you do”.

If you’re not spending copious amounts of time creating your ONLY, you’re not using your time wisely. And you’re falling deeper and deeper into the Herd. You won’t be noticed. You will be ignored. You will be DEAD. It’s just a matter of time.

Three steps to the ONLY:

1. Talk to the critical wants of The WHO. The people you have chosen to SERVE. Your target market. Remember it’s not about what you supply to the market; it’s about what your customers want. Do you know their top three wants? Notice I said :“wants” not “needs”. People today generally have what they “need”. The battle is over how to address what they “want” in a manner that ONLY you do.

2. Talk about VALUE. What benefits, solutions, memories, joy, experiences and happiness are you creating? Pushing products and services has a minimal role in The ONLY. We are seeking to claim uniqueness in the way we impact the lives of those we are trying to serve. AND remember the “P” word (Price) has no place here either. Price claims can NEVER be Distinctive. Easy to copy. Commodity behavior.

3. Make it specific. At the end of the day, your ONLY has to be delivered by people. They need to clearly understand what it means in granular terms. They need to be able to determine the appropriate behaviors necessary to “live” The ONLY. Leave helium-filled statements, vision-type claims and aspirations at the door. “We provide the best customer service” is way of target. Means different things to different people. Probably is untrue. Can’t be measured. Can’t be translated into a detaild picture of what it looks like in the field. Trash it.


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January 30, 2012

3 Alerts For Benchmarking


I know that Benchmarking is viewed as a necessary process for most organizations. But I have a major issue with it.

Beware of these 3 things:

1. It’s copying. It doesn’t make you special. It may help you improve your position in The Herd, but it does nothing to help you Stand-out from The Herd. Copying is the enemy of BE DiFFERENT. if The Herd goes East, go West. If The Herd says Black, say White.

2. It keeps you in The Herd. Best of Breed is still in The Herd. An imprint of the #1 Herd Member still keeps you with your ‘Sameness brethren’. The Herd is not your friend. You need to break away from it, not find consolation in it’s attributes.

3. It robs you of your individuality. Benchmarking forces you to conform. Forces you to BE SaME. Forces you to capitulate to the leader of The Herd. What’s your problem? Can’t think for yourself?

YOU owe it to yourself to express your uniqueness. The Herd is common. Invisible. Ignored.

Express yourself. Distance yourself. BE YOU!

It’s ok to observe what The Herd is doing and adopting from the Best what might improve your performance. It’s quite another thing to assume that copying them will help you win the competitive battle.

Winning is about Standing-out not Fitting-in.

Look at The Herd.

Go a DiFFERENT way.

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