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April 16, 2012

The skinny on how to protect your “endangered species”

Who’s on your endangered list?

Your top ten (or 20 or 30…) revenue producers. The folks that give you a disproportionate amount of your cash flow. The people who have been loyal to you for years. They give a damn about you and what you do.

The people who, if you lose, will cause major harm to your business. The people who, when they leave, will spread a negative word about you to their friends and associates.

What are you doing to protect them from competitive assault and to immunize them from catching someone else’s “value virus”?

Here are 3 things that have worked for me.

1. Engage with them REGULARLY. Call them personally. Never delegate this to others. They are extremely important to your well-being so what is more important than giving them your PERSONAL ATTENTION? Nothing! Book it on your calendar. Make it matter. Put it ahead of everything else. NEVER postpone or cancel.

2. Offer any special promotion the them FIRST. Never try to entice someone to leave their current supplier and come over to you with a promotional deal without providing a better deal to your Loyalists FIRST. It’s an insult to your fans to offer a carrot to a non-customer while ignoring those who made you successful.

3. Establish a dedicated customer service line for this group. Special customers deserve special treatment everyday. Your “endangered species team” should be all-ways on for them 24X7 If they have literally ANY issue, your team will be there to take care of them.
Make a big deal of this. Communicate “the team” internally and explain why you are doing it. Have a personal face-to-face meeting with each endangered customer and tell them what you are doing and why. This is your opportunity to reiterate how important they are to and how much they mean to your organization.

3 things that will prevent your most critical loyal customers from entering the zone of extinction.

Have a go.

You have everything to lose if you don’t.


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April 9, 2012

The 15 Faces of The YOU Marketer


The YOU Marketer:

1. Is driven by individuals - The YOU - not “markets”.

2. Listens to what The YOU has to say. Avoids doing a whole lot of talking.

3. Puts YOU before “me”.

4. Is ok with the possibility of creating a unique product or service for each YOU they serve.

5. Drives IT to “mass-customized” serving systems, capable of uniqueness delivered to thousands of customers.

6. Reserves “Customer Appreciation Day” celebrations for The YOU who have demonstrated their loyalty to the company for many years.

7. Resents mass media advertising as an impersonal and unproductive way to communicate with The YOU.

8. Is an active user of Social Media tools, but only within the defined strategic context.

9. Favors Relationship-building over trying to flog predetermined products and services.

10. Believes a strong relationship with a YOU will deliver a growing and steady revenue stream.

11. Is ok with criticism.

12. Can take a “punch” from The YOU when a mistake has been made or a promise broken.

13. Is a strong advocate for The YOU inside their organization, doing battle for them on the inside. Protecting Them from frustration and a waste of their precious time.

14. Has a high level of Pain Tolerance.

15. Does whatever it takes to try and eliminate any “Dumb Rules” in their organization that piss customers off.

Mass Marketers are a dying breed. They deserve to be. They’re irrelevant to The YOU.

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April 5, 2012

Hyatt Maui BE Your Brand


I love the Hyatt. But our recent trip to Maui left me disappointed.

Always go there. Traditional Hawaiian Ambiance with music. Great Servers and Service.

What happened? They transformed a large part of the round-the-pool eating area into SELF SERVE.

What? The things that reinforced the Hyatt brand have been removed.

The reason? Cost cutting I am told.

Servers are pissed but are making up for management’s short sightedness by bending the Rules and taking care of people. Long live the Frontline!

Hyatt: get your thinking straight and keep the stuff that makes your Brand special.


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March 31, 2012

“My Passion”


Interesting innovation at the Westin Maui. Employees wear a “My Passion” Button that describes what the person is interested in.

Juan, a Server, is passionate about “Building and Fixing Things”. I noticed the Button and of course asked him about it.

We connected instantly and launched into a conversation.?

The difference was that the contact was Initiated by ME as a response to his Passion Button. He did nothing to try and begin a conversation with me.

A clever way to invite a conversation with a customer.?

Not too many approaches make it about THEM first.

Hi, I’m Roy. My passion is helping people discover their uniqueness.

Cheers and Aloha,

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