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January 14, 2013

If you know your customer’s “secrets” you’re ahead of the pack

Customer “Secrets” are the power of the standout organization.

A “Secret” is a strand of your customer’s DNA that defines their Uniqueness. A characteristic that makes them Special. It could be about family. About their names. About where they go to school. About vacations. About where they live. About what they like. About what they dislike. About how they spend their spare time. About where they vacation. About their wants and desires.

The point is, a Secret is a hidden piece of information on a person that is critical in engaging them in a business relationship.

Secrets are critical for two reasons:

1. They fuel the marketing process. If you know someone’s secrets, you are in a great position to create value for them.

2. Secrets power the service recovery process . What do you do when you have a service blunder? Simple formula: Fix it + do the unexpected. To do the unexpected - to surprise someone - you have to know a secret about them.

It is extremely important to build a repository on the secrets you discover otherwise you will most likely forget them and will therefore not be able to capitalize on them.


As a way of getting started, create a “secrets manual” on your top customers, the fans that care about you and what you do. Make notes about what you learn about them. And, make sure that others in your organization are aware of what you have learned.

Have fun with the idea. How about a secret agent award to honor the person who discovers the coolest secrets every month?

Or an annual recognition award of someone who excels at continually maintaining and sharing their secrets manual?

Do whatever it takes to instill secret gathering as a core competency in your organization.

They will definitely separate you from your competition.


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January 12, 2013

If your ONLY isn’t relevant it’s worthless

“We are the ONLY ones that .... “ is the claim that will distinguish your organization from everyone else. It’s not about being the best or number 1.

It’s about being the ONLY one that does what you do.

But your ONLY must be Relevant (it must address something your fans CARE about) AND it must be true (you must deliver it consistently, all day, every day)

A local radio station in Vancouver proudly states the following as their ONLY Statement.

“CKWX is the ONLY radio station offering traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the 1’s.”

Interpretation: every 10 minutes they update their listeners on local traffic and weather conditions.

Lets test it. Is it TRUE? Yes it is. They deliver updates every 10 minutes as they claim.

Is it RELEVANT? This is where I have an issue. Another radio station in the area provides continuous traffic and weather information. AM730 only provides traffic and weather. They do nothing else.

Why claim uniqueness on something that is clearly inferior to what someone else does? People who care about getting traffic updates, for example, WHEN they need it wouldn’t value waiting for “the 1’s” to get it on CKWX when they can tune in to AM730 and get it instantly.

Lesson: make sure your ONLY talks to a capability that you have, a product or service you deliver that really matters to people. Getting a traffic update every 10 minutes when I can get updates all the time clearly is inferior and lacks the “highly relevant” criteria of being a good ONLY.


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December 31, 2012

Measure, BUT keep it simple

What gets measured gets done.

Decide what metric you need to monitor your progress to your goals. Measure regularly. Take action on what you learn from measuring your results.

And NEVER be put off by the argument that you can’t measure what you want to. ANYTHING can be measured.

You don’t need a complicated algorithm to drive measurement.


Keep measurement SIMPLE. It needn’t require heavy lifting systems technology and records processing. In fact the simpler the better.

Use customer perception surveys to measure service quality for example.

Declare 3 service elements that are critical to you and go ask a customer how you’re doing. Ask them if they are DAZZLED... Yes DAZZLED! And act on what they say.

NEVER use a formula to derive a metric. I have seen companies define an objective X = 2Y + 9Z and expect people to understand it and be motivated to achieve it. Won’t happen. Avoid this kind of thinking.

Beware of relying on an internal measure. Even though you may be able to control it, it may NOT be the best metric to gauge how well you are doing.

Use an external measure. An expression from the market is worth listening to.


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December 17, 2012

The more you share the higher the value


How do you increase the value of something? How do you create something that will be coveted by people? The conventional approach is to restrict its supply.

The logic is that we will want something MORE if it is in short supply. If it is difficult to obtain. And we are willing to pay more for it.
Examples? Diamonds. Oil. One-of-a-lifetime vacations. The Mona Lisa.

In other words, THINGS.

The logic falls apart, though, when it comes to IDEAS and KNOWLEDGE.

An idea is not more valuable of it is held by a small number of people. If it resides in the minds of only a few.

In fact the fewer the number of people that share the same idea, the LESS VALUE the idea has.

Ideas and knowledge INCREASE in value when shared by many people, not when in the hands of a few.

So if you are in the Ideas, Content or Knowledge business, find a way to expose your stuff to as many people as you can.

And, don’t be afraid to GIVE IT AWAY.

Trust that eventually you will be rewarded for your efforts.


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