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October 9, 2017

This is what happens if you’re not different

If you are not different from others in some meaningful way, you will likely achieve no more than 50% of your potential; you leave 50% of your net worth on the table.

This is what young professionals face today as they begin their journey to fulfill their career dreams and be successful.

There are more people looking for jobs than there are jobs.

And the people in the crowd approaching organizations for an opportunity look the same.

When being interviewed, members of the job hunting herd are literally indistinguishable from one another.

— They have a boilerplate CV they downloaded from the internet.

— They talk mostly about their academic credentials and the marks they earned.

— They exhibit a superficial understanding of the organization they are speaking to and the challenges it faces.

— They don’t ask meaningful penetrating questions about the company and the markets it serves.

— Their answers to interview questions rely more on what they’ve been taught in school rather than from a practical perspective.

— The conversation is replete with standard cliches: “My strength is dealing with people”; “I understand new technologies”; “My weakness is trying to do too much, or I’m impatient at times” and on it goes.

If you're not different

When they cannot demonstrate something unique about themselves, they unfortunately provide a hiring organizations no compelling reason to pay attention to them over others and to consider them high for employment potential.

Some say that it is ok to possess skills and competencies similar to others; that there is a limit on how people can be different.

HOGWASH! That’s like saying there is no way you can turn a commodity into a differentiated product and we all know that is absolute rubbish.
Products can be made to be special in a myriad of ways and all it takes is imagination and creativity to create something different and unmatched in the marketplace - ever heard of The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas?

It’s no different with people.

Each and every one of us can be distinct from every other person in some special way if we are motivated to discover our specialness.

The problem is we have never been led to think that being different was expected. Rather, “the system” imposes on us conformance and compliance expectations and has brainwashed us to believe that fitting in was the only acceptable outcome.

The school system is all about grinding our students who have all mastered the same stuff in the same way.

Being different is not driven into young people; it’s frowned upon.

So the consequences of not being different are, first, young people have an extremely tough time getting a job and launching their career, and second, organizations are robbed of the creativity they need to survive and thrive in our unpredictable and chaotic world.

Double jeopardy with very unfortunate outcomes.

Cheers, Roy

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October 2, 2017

How can people lose themselves in the boring crowd?

“The crowd” is a mass of people who all look the same. They are indistinguishable from one another. They are all conformists to a standard set of rules, whether they be in business or in life.

— They are not individuals, but rather express the lowest common denominator of the mass they are embedded in.

— They are all “average”, expressing all that the word implies.

— It is safe in the crowd. You get to hide out and avoid exposure and recognition. There is safety in numbers particularly when every digit is the mirror image of the next.

— It’s warm. Heat, lots of body heat. Everyone is close to one another; existing in each other’s personal space. Body heat transfer through conduction and convection is alive and well here.

Lost in crowd

— It’s stress-free. You never have to be apprehensive about the direction to follow. Just follow the person in front of you; they obviously know where they are going.

— It’s risk-free. By being like other members, you can feel confident that whatever you do won’t be noticed and therefore won’t attract criticism.

— It’s consistent. There are few ups and downs; activity doesn’t vary much as crowd members are consumed with “the straight and narrow” and perpetuating the momentum of yesterday.

If crowd membership sounds appealing to you, here are the “must do’s” to gain entry.

1. Look at what the most popular person is doing and copy them. Emulation is THE key behavior to exhibit if you want to bury yourself in the crowd.If you are inclined to be different, you’re not a crowd qualifier.

2. Determine the really important rules and always obey them. Conformance is critical to survive in the crowd.

3. Never do anything to draw attention to yourself; you want to go unnoticed.


4. Don’t ask questions; challenging the status quo is unforgivable.

5. Never challenge an idea or point of view. It’s very important to support your fellow “crowdsters.”

6. Avoid reading new stuff. This will only fuel the desire to try new things or offer a different perspective on things. Unacceptable!

7. Never hang out with new or crazy people. These people are outside the crowd and you can’t give the impression that you are looking for more than the crowd can offer.

8. Some advocate weirdness as a value they covet in people. Don’t go there. Weirdness = fun and nonconformity. Reread No. 2. It’s verboten.

9. Talk the way everyone else talks. Don’t invent your own words. Cool sayings must be muted. They are the tip of the stand-out iceberg and will freak out fellow crowd members (and draw attention to you and get you kicked out of the crowd).

10. Take shit from anyone who offers it. Another key requirement of blending in. You must let anything thrown your way stick. Turn the other cheek and ask for more.

11. Always say “yes.” Make it your answer to everything even if you’re not asked a question.

I guarantee that if you take on this list of 11, you will be a bonafide player in the crowd with many years of slipstreaming others ahead of you.

Cheers, Roy

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September 18, 2017

5 simple ways to spot a real asshole

An asshole can really screw your career up.

I have had to deal with so many of these people in my career and have seen the havoc they can cause. It is critical to know how to spot them so you can take evasive action.

An asshole is everywhere in both our personal lives and our business lives. They live where most respectable people with integrity don’t go.


I have survived many assholes in my career; this is what they look like.

1. They are the consummate grinner; they grin you constantly.
You know that phoney false smile pasted on their face that they flash at you when they want you to believe they agree with something you are saying or a position you are taking.
In reality their grin means exactly the opposite of support; they really don’t believe a word you are saying and will admonish you whenever they get the chance.
Whenever you see the grin, be prepared for betrayal.

2. They spread fake news about you. They know who your real supporters are and will lie through their teeth about you to them. And they are smooth when they do it; experts in the innuendo. Careful to be not too blatant.
They use the “grin fodder” you have provided as the fuel for their stories.

3. They treat themselves as number 1 — ALWAYS. Never forget it. It might seem that they actually care about you and your circumstances but they don’t. They want you to let them in so you are vulnerable to a move they eventually make against you. “After me you come first” is their mantra.

4. They do not hesitate throwing you under the bus. Never expect they will take accountabilities their actions. Whenever things go awry look for the asshole to try and blame someone else for the screwup. They constantly want to be perceived as lily white to those in the organization who they believe matter and will sacrifice anyone around to enhance their position.

5. They actually believe they are righteous — and this is the real scary thing about them. If you call them on any one of the aforementioned four issues they respond with shock and disbelief and will vehemently deny any culpability. They are pathological liars who are constantly in denial; that’s what makes them so dangerous.

Assholes can cause irrevocable harm to others if they are allowed to do their thing.

Watch for them; don’t play into their hands.

And never play their game. It turns out that assholes eventually get found out and are punished for their sins.

Just don’t be part of the carnage they leave behind.


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September 11, 2017

9 proven ways leaders can make their stories rock

Standout leaders are crazy storytellers.

How do you rank as a class act?

How can you tell if your story is a magical journey for your audience?

— You can see it in their eyes. Their pupils widen with excitement. They smile.

— They even laugh out loud on occasion.

— They never take their eyes off you.

They hang on your every word.

— They are on the edge of their seats leaning in to what you are telling them.


— Your words draw them out of whatever place they were in before your story began.

— They rush up to you after you finish, wanting to engage with you in some aspect of your story.

— They follow up with emails and text messages. They never want your story to end.

— And, they tell their friends about what they’ve experienced.

How does this happen?

First, it’s no accident. Your intention is to tell your story in a way that excites people and leaves them wanting more.

You have a strategy which you play out at each storytelling occasion.

Here are 9 ways to do it.

1. Talk to yourself before every storytelling event.
I would say “energy up” out loud to myself before going on stage to begin my story. This is my way to refresh myself with the energy needed to “infect” the audience.

2. Look into their eyes and hold them with your stare.

3. Pick someone out in the audience who is returning your energy; play off them to hold yours.

4. Tell a story which is different from what they’ve heard before, not the same-old same-old they have heard by dozens of storytellers before you.

5. Be passionate about your topic; it is infectious.

6. Mix up the cadence of your story; do anything to avoid a monotonous rhythm.

7. And vary your volume as well. I rarely need a microphone in some parts of my story and I force my audience to listen hard to the softer parts.

8. To stimulate curiosity and interest, create your own words. I use words like “CRAP” to drive home my message.

9. Know your stuff. No, I mean REALLY know it so it oozes from your veins as a natural expression of who you are.
People get it that way. Treat your story not as an intellectual exercise but as an emotional experience. Not knowing your story can really mess up your flow and detract from the aura of it all.

If your story “takes their breath away” you know you’ve done your job.


Check out my BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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