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February 1, 2016

The library you need to be a stand-out #leader

Check out my articles I am writing for the Globe and Mail “Leadership Lab” Series and discover what I successfully achieved over my 33+ year career.

If you want a practical view of what it takes to be a stand-out leader, add these to your library…

The amazing leader’s to don’t list ... 25 things stand-out leaders NEVER do

These dysfunctions have to go ... 10 workplace dysfunctions that must be eliminated

What does a mind-blowing leader look like? ... What differentiates an exceptional boss from the rest

How leaders get everyone marching to the same tune ... How a leader can get everyone in step

How do leaders get tough employees to change? ... How to inspire change from employees who say thats the way we’ve always done things around here

What key decisions does a leader have to make? ... Decisions, decisions ... the 5 most critical for a leader

Create or choose: what would you do? ... Stand-out leaders create they don’t choose

Leaders should covet these… The human touch: competencies to ensure workplace success

Change with emotion rather than logic… Arrogant employee? Try appealing to the heart and not the mind

Ways to create successful ideas... How leaders can ensure their new ideas succeed

Schools don’t teach you all you need to know about leadership... What I didn’t learn in school about leadership

I wonder what would have happened if... 6 missteps I made as a leader

This is one area where leaders SHOULD micromanage... The one task leaders should never delegate

Whenever a new CEO is brought in, the entire executive te is in jeopardy… What do you do when your boss has a ‘dumb’ idea?

Every leader is tagged with a label; you always get known for something whether you intend to or not… What are you known for as a leader?

It’s hard, but sometimes you need to take action that’s best for the company, not you personally… Are you a survivor leader?

Hire the right people, dump dumb rules and fix mistakes fast… 3 tips for leaving your customers “breathless”

To compete today, aim to have your company be the only one with its products or expertise… Can you say your company is the one and only?

Grandmothers know how to lead and executives can learn from her skills… Gems of leadership from Grandma

There are two types of people at the top – those who lead and those do anything but… Do you flit or do you lead?

Those who are willing to manage their businesses by the values they preach are few and far between… 8 practices of ‘dog food’ leaders

By preparing for the worst and being gracious in defeat, I managed to boost my currency with the board… How losing made me a better leader

Focus on executing your company’s strategy and ensuring customer interaction is perfect… Don’t just be a great leader, be a stand-out leader

Leaders must serve, not manage, those who work for them, if they are to help their organization achieve greatness… Old school leadership is out

My thanks to the Globe and Mail for helping me “spread my word”.


More on leadership…
Six Acts of Leadership
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BE DiFFERENT YOU! How to Stand-Out and Power-Up Your Leadership Career

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February 1, 2016

How to take your your #career beyond the crowd

It’s tough as a young professional and entrepreneur to stand-out in a herd of people all vying for limited career and market opportunities. I have teamed up with the folks at Ten Thousand Coffees to write a monthly column passing on what worked for me in my 33+ years as a successful executive leader.

Treat my articles as your “on the run” coach and and “ask me for coffee” anytime to chat about what’s going on with you.

Online dating Be a career booster ... How online dating can help your #career

How do you get noticed? ... 10 steps to stand-out from the crowd

What to look for in a mentor ... Need a Mentor? Find someone who has actually done something

“Press the flesh” networking doesn’t work unless ... Networking without a purpose is a waste of time

How to stay organized ... 5 steps to stay organized

It’s easy to lose your job ... How to lose your job in 10 easy steps

The Passionate Messenger has a great career ahead ... Your #career will stand-out if you’re the Passionate Messenger of Change

Busyness is not being productive ... A brilliant excuse for achieving nothing

Millennials have issues ... 6 biggest challenges Millennials face in their careers

Success is anything but elegant... 10 “get dirty” rules for success

When recruiters come have a plan... How to out-do a recruiter

Some people will love to kill your initiative... 5 initiative killers to ignore

Your plan to be ready when you graduate... 120 days and counting: what you can do to prepare for graduation

The recruiters are on site. You need to train to run the gauntlet… 5 ways you can train for recruiting season

Academics are one thing, launching your career is quite another… Day one after graduation: now what?

If you seriously don’t want the job... How to royally screw up a job interview

How to avoid being start-up road kill... 5 keys to start-up success

How to survive change: ask yourself ... The Magic Question

When you think resumé do you think customized? You should… 4 steps to building a killer resume

Create your own personal ONLY Statement to express your uniqueness... 3 steps to find your career path

Don’t follow the herd. Be contrarian. BE DiFFERENT… You can’t succeed if you’re invisible

My thanks to the Ten Thousand Coffees team for helping me “spread my word”.


BE DiFFERENT YOU! How to Stand-Out and Power-Up Your Career

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February 1, 2016

How to build an #OrganizationalCulture that flourishes

Workplace culture + innovation is at the cornerstone of TalentCulture, where workplace ideas and energy flourish.

I was asked to contribute monthly articles to this open online community to help professionals understand and shape the “human” side of business; check them out…

Mind-blowing leaders don’t practice their art the way others do ... 16 secrets of mind-blowing leaders

These decisions only a leader can make ... The 5 most important decisions a leader can make

Are you a smart business person? ... 10 things smart business people do

Do great leaders choose or create? ... Stand-out leaders create greatness

Are you a smart business person? ... 10 things smart business people do

How do you manage your time? ... A contrarian approach to time management

Amazing cultures don’t have these… Eradicate these 10 things and create a stand-out culture

If you don’t renew yourself, you’re dead… 5 essentials of strategic renewal

A DAZZLE culture builds customer loyalty... 3 steps to build a DAZZLE culture

Do you have a “copy culture”?... Why benchmarking sucks

Do you have a leader who putters?... Stand-out leaders putter at these 7 things

You have to create the right culture; you can’t copy it… How to cure a sick company culture

Too much togetherness can spawn sameness… 10 ways to escape from the crowd

When the unexpected hits (and it will) you had better be prepared… 8 actions you can take to survive a shift

If you want the safety of the crowd, here are 11 ways you can do it… 11 ways to lose yourself in the crowd

Here are four skills that standout leaders use to successfully deal with the seemingly unlimited number of “potentially amazing” things that come their way…. How to avoid the “new-idea trap”

We notice those who actually keep their promises. They stand-out from the herd of “mission belchers.”... Promise nothing if you can’t execute

Creativity = “How do we get there?” + “What do we have to do differently?”... 2 questions to get the creative juices flowing

Most companies struggle with defining what makes them unique; different from their competitors… How to create a competitive claim that is more than just hot air

The BE DiFFERENT or be dead Strategic Game Plan is designed for execution and answers 3 questions... BE DiFFERENT or be dead: the stand-out leaders’ mantra

My thanks to the Talent Culture team for helping me “spread my word”.


You may enjoy my BE DiFFERENT or be dead book series
Six Acts of Leadership
Execute First; Plan Second
BE DiFFERENT YOU! How to Stand-Out and Power-Up Your Leadership Career
BE DiFFERENT or be dead: Your Business Survival Guide

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February 1, 2016

Tips on how to make you a stand-out #PublicSpeaker

I have teamed up with Metrospeakers Toastmasters in Burnably BC to write a monthly column on how people can aspire to be an amazing speaker that stands-out from “the herd”.

Check out this collection and start practising what I preach based on 30+ years of communicating as an executive leader.

Want them to hang on your every word? ... 8 things I do to make my story compelling

The “master” has assembled this platform ... Your speech platform must have these 3 elements

Don’t be a mediocre speaker, take your audience on an adventure ... 7 actions you can take to be a mind blowing speaker

If your audience is snoring, it might be due to these ... 5 reasons why I don’t listen when you speak

Let me know if you would like any aspect of speaking addressed by one of my posts.


You may enjoy my BE DiFFERENT or be dead book series
Six Acts of Leadership
Execute First; Plan Second
BE DiFFERENT YOU! How to Stand-Out and Power-Up Your Leadership Career
BE DiFFERENT or be dead: Your Business Survival Guide

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