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October 16, 2014

Roy’s tips for business success

Here are 6 actions you can take to avoid your new business being a death statistic... 6 tips for bucking the small business failure rate

If you copy others you give people ZERO reason to buy from you... Why benchmarking sucks

Look for a away to be a different breed NOT best of breed… Forget best of breed

Your mission statement should be on the ground NOT at 10,000 feet… The mission statement is the ultimate selfie

Provide value that people CARE about… “Sexy” gets too much attention

SUCCESS = (Doing) (lots of) (imperfect) (stuff) (fast)... Key winning concepts: action, speed, attempts, good enough

Provide your customers with a human experience and they won’t care about price… The uncomplication of business

Don’t say these in your zeal to be “customer driven”... We exist to delight you - blah!

Get on to the notion of “serving” people not servicing them… I really don’t want to be “serviced”, do you?

Who needs a traditional organization structure?... Flat organizations move quicker

5 ways to get your customers addicted to you… Customer addicts = loyalty = ongoing revenue


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October 13, 2014

Why benchmarking sucks

1. Determine who is best in class.
2. Figure out what they do well.
3. Copy them.

WOW! How original.

What a brilliant way to separate yourself from the crowd.

Copy and lower the bar.

Copy and reduce the lowest common denominator.

Copy and perpetuate invisibility.

Copy and blend in.

Benchmarking shows ZERO originality. ZERO reason why someone should buy from you as opposed to someone else.

And ZERO reason why you should be in business.



Then at least if it doesn’t work out you can be proud that it was YOUR idea not some other member of the herd.

And try again.


BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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October 5, 2014

Customers are way too much trouble

28 reasons why customers are too much trouble…

1. They come late and expect us to stay open.
2. They come early and expect us to be opened.
3. They don’t appreciate some of our staff; they have unrealistic expectations.
4. They always change their mind.
5. They are too sensitive about getting their needs met.
6. They tell their friends how bad we are when we make a mistake or don’t meet their customer service expectations.
7. They feel entitled to get a deal; they never want to pay the regular price.
8. They are inflexible; they won’t accept a substitute when we don’t have exactly what they want.
9. They demand we check “the back” if the item they are looking for isn’t on the shelf.
10. They are quick to criticize but rarely praise us when we do a good job.
11. They complain about our prices being too high.
12. They hate standing in line to pay for their merchandise.
13. They hate being told to go to another cash register when we take our break.
14. They expect us to be able to answer any question on any of our products; they don’t appreciate that it is impossible for us to know everything about each product we offer.
15. They don’t like our merchandise cluttering the aisles because of our limited space for inventory.
16. They expect to be served by friendly staff even if we are having a bad day.
17. They expect staff to be available to help them; they get very angry if they have to “hunt” for a store clerk.
18. They never seem to be satisfied; give them a little and they want more.
19. They ask for a manager if we can’t satisfy them.
20. They think they are the only ones we have to serve; they don’t care if we have other customers in the store.
21. They stress-out our staff by being so demanding.
22. They shop around for better deals; we can’t count on their loyalty.
23. They don’t understand our policies; they keep asking for things that our rules don’t permit.
24. They don’t get that if we break the rules and do something special for them, we would have to do the same for others.
25. If our delivery is late, they don’t understand that it was a problem with our courier service not with us.
26. They hate voice recording systems and would rather talk to a real person.
27. They are impatient and don’t like waiting 10 minutes on the phone for “the next available representative”.
28. They like to re-invent our menu.

Some days you think another line of work would be preferable.

The problem is you can’t avoid customers and their complications.

Gotta figure out how to live with these unpredictable and demanding folks since we can’t live without ‘em.

What’s your “gotta live with ‘em” strategy?


BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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October 3, 2014

How to make forgettable marketing “unforgettable”

For the most part, marketing today is boring and unremarkable. It is falling short of what is required to move organizations to higher levels in markets that are uncertain, chaotic and unpredictable.

My articles will underscore the critical things marketing must do to be relevant and distinctive in today’s world. Must-reads for all marketers…

Price is getting too much attention; VALUE is often forgotten… Price cutting isn’t good marketing it’s insanity

There are some organizations that are good at marketing who they are and the value they create… 8 ways you can build marketing muscle

Marketers have a formidable challenge of getting their message across… 5 simple steps to get your marketing message across

Addiction is not a take it or leave it attitude… 5 ways to get your customers addicted to you

Marketing leaders MUST be remarkable for their organizations to win. Here’s how they can do it…
8 actions marketing leaders can take to stand out

Organizations are getting a raw deal; they recruit marketers with impressive credentials and experience and expect these individuals… 
We need marketers who don’t follow the rules

The challenge in a world where virtually everyone has their basic needs satisfied is determining how an organization can stand out and ... 
Dig for secrets; customer needs won’t cut it

Success in today’s markets requires marketers to step up and leave their traditional tools behind in favor of new approaches…  Marketers: 7 things to stop; 7 things to start

Adapt or die. We have seen this consequence play out for centuries. Now it’s time for marketing to pay attention... 12 reasons marketing must change to survive

How do you answer the question “Why should I do business with you given the number of other suppliers I have to choose from?”... What’s your competitive advantage?

We live in a product flogging world. Marketing winners move to experiences… Product floggers need to appeal to customer’s hearts

Today, business success depends on how well you grow your fan base: the loyal customers who care about your organization and who talk…  5 Fan Friendly Rules for Marketers

Business is infatuated with copying, but benchmarking can be deadly... The Deadliest Sin in Business

My thanks to Business in Vancouver for helping me “spread my word”.


BE DiFFERENT or be dead: Marketing in the Storm

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