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July 13, 2015

3 things leaders do to create winners

Winners aren’t born, they are created by a “leader” in their lives.

Someone who creates an environment where others are able to grow and have the opportunity to do great things. It could be a parent, grandparent, friend, teacher, mentor or a boss.

In fact it is normally a combination of “all of the above” where an individual is influenced by a number of other people in different ways.

It takes a community to raise a child; it takes a community to create a winner.

1. The leader approaches relationships on an emotional level first; intellectually second. Their actions come from caring as opposed to any other motive. Productivity gains are important, but winners don’t come from influence aimed at enhancing output. The ulterior motive is to help NOT to use.

2. The leader provides a safety net for risk taking and experimentation. Encourages trying new ideas without fear of
punishment. Believes that the more tries you make the more success you achieve.

3. The leader encourages imperfection. Does not expect perfection. Knows it doesn’t exist. Is more concerned with getting stuff done and honing it along the way.

They care.

They commit to others.


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July 9, 2015

Second sucks

“When you’re second in line, the view never changes”

Find another game.

Get a clear view.

Create your own line.

Have someone else looking at your direction.

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July 6, 2015

How to screw someone over and have them thank you

You’ve just screwed over one of your customers.

You missed the delivery time you promised.

The product you sold them doesn’t work the way it should.

Whatever happened you blew it.

What do you do?

This simple recovery process will actually turn an angry customer into a more loyal one who is prepared to “spread your word” to others more than if the service mishap never happened.

1. Take responsibility for what happened and apologize regardless of whether you’re at fault in your mind or not. Failure to do this step and you can forget about the rest of the process.

2. Fix the screw-up fast. This is critical. A leisurely response will kill you. Whatever the problem, bring all of your resources to bear to get it done (and make sure the customer knows you are doing it).

3. Do the unexpected. This is the key step. Everyone expects you to fix your screw up, but generally what they don’t expect is a little something extra to “atone for your sins”. Going the extra mile. Doing something special that the customer isn’t looking for.
But make it personal because if you merely throw your “trash and trinkets” at them it will be perceived as cheap and in-genuine.

Find out something personal about the customer and play to that. If she loves going to the movies go there. If he is a cabernet sauvignon nut go there.

The critical thing is that the customer feels like you have gone out of your way to make THEM feel special after the way you have treated them.

If you commit to taking these 3 actions, they’ll say “Thanks so much for pissing me off. I really enjoyed it.”


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June 29, 2015

3 essentials to provide stand-out #CustomerService

If you want your customer service to excel, here are 3 essentials.

Essential #1 - set your strategic context to “serve” customers rather than “service” them.

We service cars and computers but we SERVE people. The notion of being “serviced” is quite frankly repugnant to me.

Servicing people focuses on inflicting the rules and processes of the organization on the customer. Some analyst in the organization decides that the most efficient way to fulfill a customer’s request and control cost is to do it a certain way. Whether the customer wants to participate in the process is irrelevant.

Serving, on the other hand, requires that systems, rules and procedures are designed to satisfy the service experience expected by the customer.

It may be more cost efficient to outsource your call centre to some distant place in the world where english is not the mother tongue, but if a conversation with one of these reps infuriates your customer, what have you gained?

Too many organizations take this “inside-out” view of customer service where the needs of the organization are “pushed” on people.

What is needed is an “outside-in” perspective where the customer drives how they are served.

Essential #2 - deliver your core service flawlessly 24X7. Core service is the essence of your business; what people get from you. WiFi that works, good food, clean hotel rooms and planes that take-off and land every time are examples of core service.

If you deliver your core service consistently as promised customers will rate you average because they expect your core service to work as promised. On the other hand, failure to deliver satisfactory core service will earn you a fail and your brand suffers as the stories of your shortcomings spread far and wide.

Essential #3 - create dazzling serving experiences around your core service. This is the WOW! that surprises people; giving them what they DON’T expect. Dazzling experiences drive customer loyalty but only if your core service is delivered flawlessly.

How to dazzle?
1. recruit people that “love” fellow humans and possess the innate ability to serve them.
2. create rules, procedures and systems that enable friendly and user friendly transactions.
3. turn OOPS! into WOW! by recovering from mistakes and service blunders in a way that surprises and delights the customer.

Don’t expect results over night; serving people in a stand-out manner is a journey.

But start it. NOW!

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