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January 2, 2014

3 Ways to Build Your 2014 Personal Game Plan

It’s a Game Plan NOT a Resolution. A Game Plan to achieve your goal by the end of the year. A declaration with sufficient granularity to define specifically WHAT needs to be done to get to where you want to get to.

I am not a fan of resolutions.

“I resolve to…” is merely an aspiration; a dream that more often than not lacks the precision to achieve it. You may have the will; but unless you define the steps to achieve it, it is unlikely to happen. “My resolution is to get fit” isn’t particularly helpful in terms of actually doing it; “I intend to join a Gym by Feb 1, 2014 and workout at least twice a week.” works much better.

Here are 3 suggestions that might move you forward in 2014:

1. Keep it simple. What’s complicated DOESN’T get done. Try for the binary thing: on or off; do it or not. Easy to measure. You either want to get a new job or not. “Doing better” is a non-objective. Too wishy-washy. Too vague. “I intend to go on a vacation to Tahiti by September 2014”. Nice. Simple.

2. Keep it focused. On your most pressing priorities. Just because The Herd wants to go gluten-free you don’t have to. And only include something if you are serious about doing it. What do you “itch for” in 2014? What do you crave. Ignore the rest of the universe. What do YOU want?

3. Keep it to three. Many scattered complicated declarations don’t work. Few promises get kept. Frustration creeps in. Your personal plan isn’t a To Do List. It’s not a list of possibilities. What 3 things would make your life so much better next year? Travel? Education? Health? Career? Family? Pick your top 3 and get on with it.

Happy New Year! And good luck…


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December 30, 2013

How to Get Noticed

Do something. Don’t overthink; just DO.

Do something remarkable (that gets gets talked about). It can be weird. Contrarian. It can’t be Herd behaviour.

Do something remarkable FAST. Don’t look for perfection; just get it done.

Repeat the above everyday.


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December 23, 2013

We’re Weird at Zappos… “Hsieh-isms”

Choose Weird Fans

Tony Hsieh is CEO of Zappos and Author of Delivering Happiness (a GREAT read btw).

Here is a selection of quotes from “Happiness” that resonated with me:

- “Remember it’s a long term game. You will win or lose individual hands or sessions, but it’s what happens in the long term that matters.” (on the
similarity between poker and business)
- “Differentiate yourself. Do the opposite of what the rest of the table is doing.”
- “Stop trying to network. Instead just try to build up the number and depth of your friendships...”
- “Never outsource your core competency.” (on Call Centers)
- “... customer service is the entire company not just a department.”
- “When you’re trying to build a sustainable brand and create customer loyalty, sometimes saving money is not the point.”
-“Too many companies think of their Call Center as an expense to minimize…”
- “As unsexy and low-tech as it may sound, our belief is that the telephone is one of the best branding devices out there.”
- “Look at every interaction through a branding lens instead of a cost-minimizing lens…”
- “Make WOW part of your company’s everyday vocabulary.”
- “Don’t measure call times, force employees to up sell and don’t use scripts.”
- “Have the entire company celebrate great service. Tell stories of WOW experiences.”
- At the end of the first week of training we offer everyone $2000 to quit. We want employees that believe in our long term vision and want to be part of our culture.”
-“One of the things that makes Zappos different is we value having fun and being a little weird.”
- “Ask yourself: what can we do to be a little weird and differentiate ourselves?”

Good advice Tony.
What a wonderful world it would be…

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December 16, 2013

The Relief Pitcher

Baseball does this as a matter of course.

They KNOW their “Plan A” starter might not complete the game.

The Relief “Plan B” guy waits in the wings to be called on to pick up the action if Plan A goes south.

A Plan B strategy is normal in baseball. Every team has one. Each team wants to have the best stable of Relief Pitchers in the league because they are a key ingredient to winning.

The consistent winners covet strong Relief Pitchers.; it’s their competitive advantage.

The Baseball model is a relevant template for ANY organization looking to win consistently.

Spend as much time figuring out what Plan B looks like when Plan A doesn’t pan out.

Btw, Plan A NEVER works the way it was conceived, so it makes sense to have a back-up, right?

If it’s so obvious, then why do so few organizations PLAN for the unsuccessful Starter?

Contingencies. Back-ups. What-if’s.

All key ingredients to winning in a volatile economy and highly competitive marketplace.


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