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August 17, 2015

Business isn’t about coming in, it’s about coming back

“Coming in” is short sighted. Do anything you can to acquire them. “Drop your drawers” on price to attract and get. Give away an iPad. Offer 3 months free.

Do you really think that if you do anything to get them, they won’t leave for the same proposition?

Wake up! If you enticed them to come, they will leave you in a heartbeat for the same. People that shop around and move for a better offer show no loyalty to any organization.

“Coming back” should drive your efforts. Do anything to keep them coming back. The mindset that works is the unwavering belief that you have to earn today’s customer’s business everyday.

It’s easier to launch a “new customer acquisition” program than invest the time and energy of every moment of everyday to continue to earn the business of those who trusted you to and made the leap to you in the past.


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August 10, 2015

Are you in a #faction or are you #divergent?

Factions are “groups of sameness”.

Crowds controlled by a set of rules; expected to think and behave in a calculated way.

A member of a faction is commanded to conform to a predetermined set of societal rules.

They are crafted from a common blueprint; stamped with the same tattoo.

A Divergent, on the other hand, is an independent thinker that can’t be controlled.

They create their own box to play in.

They are feared by faction leaders because their actions can’t be predicted and they have a disregard for any value set and rule system they can’t identify with.

We need more Divergent’s.

We need people who challenge; who question; who like to be CoNTRARIAN; who are disgusted with the status quo; who are ok with putting it all on the line.

I wonder what a faction of Divergent’s would look like?


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August 3, 2015

Why would you want to lead?

So many expectations
So much fear of failure
So many demands
So much pressure
So many late nights
So many working weekends
So much personal risk
So much time away from your family

So many meetings
So many missed parent-teacher engagements
So many customer obligations
So much internal politics
So much “pain”
So much bullshit

All true.

But would you rather be guided by others?


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July 27, 2015

A report card on #sales

Sales is a critical function to any organization in terms of creating competitive domination. This fact is often underestimated and ‘the sales guys’ are looked on as the used car custodians of the organization. They need more respect and they need to earn it.

We need to treat sales differently.

Their STRATEGIC ROLE must be clearly defined.

The CUSTOMER VALUE they are expected to deliver must be carefully crafted.

The BEHAVIORS they are expected to exhibit day-in and day-out must be designed to deliver targeted results.


And, we need to hold sales accountable to deliver. Strategic goals must be integrated into their performance plans and their compensation. If Sales don’t get paid to behave a certain way, they won’t do it.

My assessment of sales performance:

X Human indifference - love their product; not too fussy about humans;
X Too much flogging - paid to sell products and not build intimate customer relationships;
X Not enough problem solving - driven to sell stuff not actively engage in the customer experience;
X Resistance to follow-up - follow up time takes away from flogging which could impact their bonus;
X Little customer advocacy - product centric behavior impedes concern to fight for the customer’s rights inside the organization;
X Virtually no secret gathering - paid to sell stuff not learn what the customer is all about;
X Insufficient commitment to service recovery - fixing mistakes is someone else’s job; pass it off to them.

There are few sales organizations that are different; an opportunity for those brave enough to break out of the traditional mold with a sense of urgency.

Try it.

Your customers will thank you for it.

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