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January 31, 2016

Why marketing to the crowd really sucks

I am not average.

I am not common.

I am NOT a digit in the lowest common denominator.

I am not like anyone else.

I am not a member of the herd; a part of the mass.

I am special.

My DNA is unique.

I have wants and desires like no other person.

Market to ME; serve ME and I will return the favour.

Continue to treat me like everyone else: like a “market segment”; like a common entity and I will avoid you.


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January 25, 2016

5 proven steps to stay organized in a world of chaos

Many young professionals I mentor ask me “How do you stay organized?”

So many things to do.

So many people to satisfy.

So many demands on your time.

So many distractions.

In this milieu you can stay organized only if you START organized.

These are 5 critical steps to get you going on the right track.

1. Understand the objectives you’ve been asked to achieve. If they are vague ask for clarification. Chasing unclear objectives is a waste of your precious time and energy and will prevent you from being a high performance individual. All it does is increase your anxiety level.

2. Determine 3 priorities that will get you 80% there. Forget the to-do list; you can’t juggle 10 projects in the air and hope to accomplish anything brilliant in any one of them. Organization is all about being FOCUSED on a few things that really matter.

3. Eliminate the activities that don’t relate to your priorities. This is your to-don’t list. If it’s not related to your main agenda, kill it. Or it will kill you.

4. Don’t get sucked in with “yummy incoming”. Once you have set your priorities there will be new temptations that try and pull you off your course. Don’t go there. Yummy will force you back into the “run around” mode.

5. Stay in touch with your the results and adjust as you go. Plans rarely turn out the way you intend. Be prepared to modify what you are doing or completely change direction and go Plan “B”.

If you can be calm and still in the moment when the world swirls around you; if you can maintain your focus when there are so many other possibilities to chase, you will not only be organized you will stand apart from everyone else.

You will be noticed.

You will be successful.


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January 19, 2016

Get more revenue growth the fast and easy way

Traditional strategic planning methodology is all screwed up.

First, it is woefully inadequate in terms of creating unique competitive advantage. The tools to define how one organization is DiFFERENT from their competition in a remarkable way are not provided to strategy developers; they don’t exist.
In fact the question is never asked. The conversation is replete with how to gain a market advantage but it never broaches how an organization can be
the ONLY one that does what it does.

Second, traditional planning typically is consumed with formulating the direction an organization should take and doesn’t address adequately how to execute on the tactics you need to get there.
Hours and hours of time is spent developing SWOTS and analyzing trends to land on the “perfect” strategy often leaving only a meagre morsel of time to determine how to make it live “in the trenches”.

A new strategy creation process is necessary; one that places the emphasis on plan execution and is content to get strategic direction “just about right”.

In my experience a strategy “built to execute” has a short planning horizon; I recommend 24 months. And it uses top line revenue as the simple and well understood growth metric.

The idea is to keep the term of your plan short to be able to quickly respond to unforeseen events and to keep daily execution activities in your face every moment.
A 5-year plan does little to motivate one to “keep their feet moving”; if you don’t achieve what you have to in year 1 you can hope to do it in year 4. The hockey stick lives on!

A plan consisting of 24 periods of 30 days each, on the other hand, puts the appropriate pressure on what one does TODAY with little tolerance for procrastination and over-analysis.

My principle of “fast and easy” is critical to ensuring your strategic game plan lives within the 24- month period and delivers the expected revenue results.

“F ‘n E” means targeting client groups that:

1. Can be “sold” quickly; segments you can get to FAST without building a new distribution channel network. Adding new channels consumes precious time in your 24- month plan period without generating additional revenue, at the expense of paying attention to other clients who can provide added revenue more easily within the 24-month period.

And look close to home. Explore your immediate territory before trying to exploit distant ones unless sales channels are already in place and high value clients have been qualified and ready to give you their business NOW. Dominate and penetrate your “Fast” markets before you wander afar.

2. Require a short sales cycle. Where closing a sale can occur relatively quickly and revenue realized soon thereafter. An opportunity requiring a 12-month sales cycle won’t be terribly productive when you only have less than half the plan period left to enjoy the revenue. Work with clients who will give you at least 18 months of revenue if you want to hit your revenue targets.

Avoid clients who decide to go the RFP route. Responding to the request and waiting for a decision will gobble up precious time you don’t have. The formal sales process is a time consumer; focus on clients who are willing to deal you their business based on trust and past success with you.                         

Define your high value clients who have shown their loyalty to you; look closely for outstanding needs and unfulfilled produce applications. These clients will not require significant convincing if you have worked with them effectively in the past, providing them with solutions proven to be critical to their business.

3. Represent a proven source of quality referrals. Again, a short planning period requires closing as many high value deals as possible which generally means getting to deal closure without a lengthy sales preamble. High quality referrals should mean that your brand comes recommended and you can get to solution presentation quickly.

Effective execution in a highly volatile environment requires a combination of short term and long term effort. A 24-month focus on “fast and easy” will generate the revenue you need to be here to witness the longer term.

Check out my BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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January 18, 2016

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