Roy's Blog: May 2015

May 25, 2015

The skinny on #leadership

There are no silver bullets to being a stand-out leader, but these 3 moves will get you ahead of the pack.

1. “Serve around” the workplace. Ask “How can I help?”, not direct “Do this.” Your employees need a champion to make it easier for them to do their job.
Be that person. Become a regular fixture with the frontline.
Be intimately familiar with their issues and challenges. Fix the stuff for them that needs fixing. Bash internal barriers. Remove grunge. Eliminate dumb rules. Eradicate bureaucracy.

Make their job easier and they will pay you back 100 times over.

2. Encourage imperfection. Seeking “perfection” in business is a fool’s game; perfection doesn’t exist. And while you are pursuing this mirage you aren’t moving forward. Your feet aren’t moving. Better to create a “just about right” plan and start executing it. Learn what works and doesn’t work. Adjust your direction accordingly.

Leave the ponderers in your wake.

3. Let your right brain rule. Your employees may intellectual understand something, but that doesn’t determine how they personally FEEL about it. They may understand what the consolidation plan means and the high level benefits it will produce but if it eliminates their job they will likely oppose it.

The lesson for leaders is to move quickly from intellectualizing (left brain function) to feeling (right brain function) when executing change.

What YOU (don’t delegate critical changes) say to employees and how you say it will determine if the change you want to make to enhance shareholder value will actually happen.

Does this sound like Leadership 101?

If you say “yes” you’ve missed the point.


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May 23, 2015


“Just go with it and adjust as you go. Chances are you won’t get it right the first time.”

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May 18, 2015

5 things that #leaders of large organizations can learn from #leaders of small ones

In a previous post, I suggested that there was no basic difference between large and small organizations.

Large and small teams face the same challenges: getting and keeping customers, engaging employees, managing costs and so on. Performance of large vs small, however, is determined by how effective the leader is.

I’m a fan of small business. I admire their passion and commitment.

And their leaders, who can teach “the big guys” a thing or two.

Here are 5 priceless gifts from small business leaders;

1. Get hands on. Feel the “hot breath” of the customer everyday.

2. Get dirty. Feel what it’s like to do your business with insufficient tools and order fulfillment processes that don’t work the way they should. Take customer complaints and learn how painful it can be.

3. Get in the trenches with the frontline. Take customer calls. Learn what it’s like representing your company to “the outside”. Make a point of honouring your frontline folks who succeed despite of the support they typically get from your managers.

4. Make delivering value your personal priority. It’s not about the company, it’s about YOU, and your personal contribution to what your organization delivers to your customers. Don’t delegate it.

5. Be human and make a fool of yourself.

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May 11, 2015

The skinny on #career planning

Simplify your career planning efforts to these three actions.

1. Develop your 24-month career game plan: the position(s) you want to have; the organization(s) you would like to target; the influencers in each organization you need to develop a relationship with. “In 24 months I intend to be Director of Sales with ABC Company.” will provide the focus you need to get you going. You will soon know if it the right objective; modify as you learn on the go.

2. Create your personal ONLY statement; your competitive value proposition that sets you apart from others. Stop talking about your credentials; start talking about what you do that no one else does. “I am the only one out there that has the combination of sales and operations experience required to take the sales function to a different level in ANY organization.” will earn you the right to have a conversation about how you stand-out from not fit-in to the herd.

3. Gather mentors who can help you achieve your game plan goals. You can’t do it alone. You need a platform of advice that is relevant to your 24-month plan. Read voraciously to discover friends who can help you with the content they create. If you covet a marketing position, read and engage with Seth Godin and add him to your resume’.

These 3 actions work. I used them.

Give them a try.


Check out my BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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