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October 27, 2014

Why do people use busyness as a bloody excuse?

A supreme pet peeve of mine.

We finish our meal and would like our table cleared of the left-over rubbish and debris.

We wait and wait and wait…

Servers fly by, careful to avoid eye contact with us.

Their response when I finally asked for help: “I would have cleared your table earlier but I was too busy.”

This is a common problem. People today are “too busy” to do the right thing; captivated in their moment rather than focussing on what is right.

“Too busy” to keep a promise, meet that friend for lunch, take the extra time needed to care for a customer or to say thank you to someone who has done you a favour.

“Too busy” is the rationalization for avoiding what should be attended to. It also serves the thrill some people get from “activity-mania”; they love to chase stuff. They aren’t focussed.

But it’s the easy way out.

Whenever you hear yourself thinking or talking “too busy”, STOP!

Be ruled by The Right Thing not Busyness.


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October 20, 2014

Why do most businesses lack the human element?

How can it be?

A business is a pluralistic “society” with a very specific end game: deliver what is produced; what is manufactured; what is available for distribution and make money.

Most businesses push their products and services on people. Rarely do they see themselves in the “experience delivery business” where creating amazing memorable experiences for their customers is their raison d’être.

They focus on their products and try to wrap the “service thing” around them.

But there is no question what the priority is: sell product.

With this singularity of focus, how can the business society be human?

How can the employee herd amaze customers by serving them in an exemplary way when they are driven to make monthly sales targets?

They can’t.

Businesses can only be human if they lead with “serving humans” as their prime directive; if it forms the context for everything they do.

“Delivering Happiness” drives the behaviour of every Zappos employee, not selling shoes. Any wonder that Zappos is a model for providing the human experience in business? And by the way, if anyone doubts the economic value of delivering happiness, remember that Amazon bought this culture for over $1Billion.

Hypocrisy in motion is the ingenuous businesses declaration to “put you first” and “delight you” when all their employees are expected and rewarded to hit monthly revenue targets and cost reduction goals.

How can a Call Center rep possibly be motivated to dazzle their a client with a little extra caring and attention when management is only interested in the duration of the call and amount of revenue generated?

Business humanity requires a human purpose; most organizations unfortunately don’t see it this way.


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October 16, 2014

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October 13, 2014

This is what it looks when you benchmark others

The process of benchmarking best in class is not very insightful or creative.

1. Determine who is considered to be “the best” at doing something.

2. Figure out how they do it.

3. Copy them.

Not very original to say the least.

In no way does benchmarking separate your organization from the herd. Nor does it separate you from the crowd.

Copy and lower the bar.

Copy and reduce the lowest common denominator.

Copy and perpetuate invisibility.

Copy and blend in.

Benchmarking shows ZERO originality. ZERO reason why someone should buy from you as opposed to someone else.

And ZERO reason why you should be in business.



Then at least if it doesn’t work out you can be proud that it was YOUR idea not some other member of the herd.

And try again.


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