Roy's Blog: August 2013

August 31, 2013

Roy’s Rant!  U gotta have humor

Milestones, Whistler.

Our friend has a deadly serious allergy to papaya. If she eats it, she’s dead. No kidding.

She orders a salad.

Manager comes by and advises that the prep station for what she ordered is close to the general salad area where there IS papaya.

He advises against ordering ANY salad just to be on the safe side.

She heeds his advice and orders something else (but something equally healthy).

Meal is great.

After we have finished he comes by with a “High Five You’re Still Alive” celebration.

We all participate in the lively High Five.

Energy is good.

Welcome home-town humanity to business.


Well done manager.




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August 26, 2013

Maybe They Won’t Notice

The dust ball remaining in the corner after the professional cleaners “finished” their job.
The grease on the steering wheel after they have finished servicing your SUV.
The soiled seats on the aircraft.
The lipstick residue on the “clean” wine glass.
The dirty marks on your cupboard door after the hinges.
The serviceperson that didn’t remove their shoes when entering your home.
The lack of free Wifi on the cruise you spent $10,000 on.
The $1.00 adding error on the restaurant bill.
The indifferent attitude of the restaurant Server.

The reality is that THESE are the things we DO notice.

THESE are the things that we expect NOT to happen.

THESE are the things that indicate the Serving organization is not concerned with the details that finish the job completely for us.

THESE are the things that reflect the culture of the organization and the Values of Leadership.

THEY NOTICE EVERYTHING” should be plastered about the workplace on placards.

Leaders should monitor every nook and cranny of the organization to pick up on and change “MAYBE THEY WON’T NOTICE” attitudes and behavior.


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August 24, 2013

Roy’s Rant! WOW, BMW!

Do you see anything wrong with this email I recently received from the Service Consultant at my friendly BMW Store?

“Hi Roy,

This is just a friendly follow up to ensure everything’s okay with the X5.

If you do receive an official survey from BMW (multiple choice), please note that “Completely Satisfied” with all “Yes”s equate to a 100% survey.

The results of the survey are extremely important to me and if for any reason you cannot give us a 100% survey, please let me know before you fill it out.

If there are any other questions or concerns, just let me know.

Thanks and have a great weekend.”

This is Wrong on SO many levels.

I guess if I am honest I will personally be responsible for his performance rating.

Service questionnaire process gone wrong.

Come on BMW your brand stands for more than that.


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August 19, 2013

Study the PERSON not the population

All marketing studies have one thing (a very BIG thing) in common. They are based on observations of POPULATION behavior; the characteristics of the masses (represented by the “average” person in the population) determine the conclusions of the study.

Nothing wrong with this outcome, but you really don’t get meaningful insights on how individual PEOPLE are likely to behave based on their unique character.

And if your insights are off the mark, the effectiveness if any marketing program based on these insights will fall short of its goals.

Pose your question to a PERSON not the population.

Person-research will yield many conclusions; one for each person you talk to.

And each conclusion will be valid unlike conclusions from population research which will be valid for some individuals (who just happen to be exactly identical to the population profile) and invalid for others (whose special unique characteristics don’t match the population profile.)

Better to have 100 different conclusions from 100 individual people rather than 1 conclusion based on the “average” person in a population of 100.

Better to have 100 different marketing plans each designed for success than 1 plan targeted to an average profile with a dubious outcome.

Keep segmenting your market until you are nose-to-nose with a PERSON.

Study the PERSON.

Create a marketing plan for the PERSON.


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