Roy's Blog: June 2013

June 29, 2013

Roy’s Rant! It’s about time we honor weirdness

You’re unreasonable!
You’re not normal!
You’re weird!
You’re crazy!
You’re ridiculous!

Common accusations made when someone doesn’t conform to someone else’s expectations.

When someone stands-out from the commonplace crowd and is noticed.

When someone makes another person feel uncomfortable.

When a person casts “normal” aside to be who they are, not what others expect them to be.

Innovation and creativity comes from “weirdness”. It does NOT come from being like everyone else.

Strong leadership comes from “crazy” notions of what people value and are prepared to pay for. It does NOT come from fitting-in and doing what everyone else does.

Great companies have a “ridiculous” DNA structure, always searching for products and services that excite people’s emotions and make them happy. They aren’t made by following Best of Breed.

Traditional HR practices sorely lack the ability to attract weirdness because they don’t look for it.

Look for it.

Declare that it is a strategic imperative for you.

Include it in your Value Statement…

“We treasure weirdness and ridiculousness”.


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June 24, 2013

You can be too results focused

A characteristic of an effective person in an organization. Keeping your eye on the prize and pulling out all the stops to get it. Mindless pursuit of your target. Anything wrong with this picture?

Don’t get me wrong. I am an absolute zealot of delivering results on time on expectations and on budget.

But there is a potential downside if the PROCESS of delivering the results is not done thoughtfully. Delivering results without considering HOW they are delivered can leave road kill along the way.

It can cause devastating collateral damage to bystanders and others who are involved in delivering the results.

Get your thinking around the LONG TERM impact of what you are delivering.

The Long Term lens will encourage you build relationships with people who will play an important role in delivery.

Take time to build TRUST between yourself and your stakeholders. Distance yourself from thinking about what you are delivering as a TRANSACTION.

What’s important is the longevity of what you are delivering. It’s sustainability.

Short term transactions rarely yield long term VALUE.

Results delivered through a process of Trust, Mutual Respect and Caring will deliver a quality result that will endure for a long time.


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June 22, 2013

Roy’s Rant! We can’t afford to spend more on our customers

Ever heard this one before?

“We can’t afford to do more for our customers. If we did we would lose money.”


The problem is that in an effort to improve profitability, organizations actually strategically decide to DO LESS for their customers.

And they DO lose money, but not the way they think.

Their customers get fed up with the dwindling service they receive, and they LEAVE taking all of their cash flow with them.

Lesson: ALWAYS do more than what is expected. Find other ways to reduce expenses if you have to.

How about a 50% reduction in the “Discretionary Expenses” Sacred Cow category like eliminating a few boondoggle Conferences?

Avoid doing less for your customers in an effort to reduce cost and save money.

Its a Fools game.


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June 17, 2013

Who are your personal hunters?

Looking for a new job? Career?

My question to you is “How proactively do you go after people who can effectively promote you to others?

I’m talking about friends, colleagues, network connections and recruiters.

What you want from these groups is a number of folks that will HUNT for you.

Not leisurely pass your resume around. Not passively mention your name to others.

What you DO want are hunters that will actively seek out positions that are made for you. Who will scout the landscape and discover opportunities for you.

That will go out of their way to generate some “sizzle” on your behalf.

How many hunters do you know?

If none, cultivate a handful of them (that’s all you need).

Point them in the right direction. Get your thinking straight about the position you want and the companies you are targeting.

Feed the right information to them and send them out to hunt for you.

And reward them for what they are able to accomplish for you.

A hunter is rare.

Nurture them.


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