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April 29, 2013

6 steps to innovate!

Innovation is critical to the success of any organization. But the process must be guided by a strategy to BE DiFFERENT from the competitive herd and give people reasons why they should buy from you as opposed to anyone else.

Here are 6 Rules to keep in mind:

1. It is critical to establish a context for Innovate!
Idea generation and brainstorming is a waste unless it is guided by strategic direction. Use your strategic game plan (SGP) as the frame to drive your Innovate! activity.

2. Every SGP has a number of objectives with accountability and time-frames assigned. Establish specific Innovate! objectives in your SGP to focus on the specific elements which require you to create a “new box”.

3. Target your Innovate! objectives around your ONLY Statement. It should be your beacon to follow because it establishes your unique position in the market.
Many organizations follow best practices. This works if you want to improve delivery of your core service but it’s NOT OK if you want to stand-out from the competition.
Copying a best practice is a catch-up game at best. Follow your ONLY Statement.


Roy’s Innovate! rule: Consider best practices to deliver flawless core service and your ONLY statement to leave the herd.

4. Develop your people plan to acquire and develop the Innovate! skills and competencies you need (as defined by your SGP).

5. Design reward and recognition programs around your Innovate! objectives. If you don’t, you will do nothing but encourage the status quo.

6. Leverage your customer learning (link) capabilities to drive the Innovate! process. Use both analysis and observation to know everything there is to know about WHO you have chosen to serve. Follow their lead.

Innovate! with urgency.


Don’t ponder too long.

Your SGP is your lifeline.


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April 27, 2013

Roy’s Rant: Sorry booths are reserved for 4 or more

Ever heard this one before?

“Sorry we can’t offer you and your wife a Booth as they are reserved for parties of 4 or more.”

And you and your wife are the only ones in the restaurant.



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April 22, 2013

8 steps to create magic #customer moments

A moment that blows a customer away can’t be boxed.

It can’t be time-bound. It can’t be created with an employee trying to get a customer “on and off” the phone in 20 seconds or less.

It can’t be engineered or architected. It can’t be manufactured from a blueprint. It doesn’t come from a can.

A Magic Moment is created when someone “puts in the time” with another person, showing caring and thoughtful behavior.

It’s created through a process of listening, asking questions and responding with a serving attitude.

It can’t be managed with efficiency in mind.


Magic moments quick hits…

1. Remove time restrictions on people who deal with customers. Let them take as much time as they need to serve them well and deliver the magic.

2. Establish loyalty- building outcomes as the prime objective of any customer contact not how long it takes to “unload a customer”.

3. Redefine how you use “work force management” to manage your call center. These are useful tools to diagnose problems and issues but they shouldn’t be used to drive behavior of the call center rep.

4. Hire employees with a proven track record of taking care of others. You can teach them your business but you can’t teach them to be moment magicians.

5. Empower people to do the right thing for a customer, not enforce organizational rules and policies that do nothing but piss them off.

6. Encourage the surprise element in serving customers. What can be done to surprise a customer in a moment?

7. Recognize and reward moment magicians. Make a BIG deal of treating them as heroes.

8. Talk to customers. Mechanized touch points don’t create magic. They are designed to minimize engagement time.


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April 20, 2013

Roy’s Rant! Sorry free laptops are only for NEW customers

Ever heard this one before?

“Sorry, our special promotional Offer of a free laptop only applies to new customers, not existing ones.”

I guess new customers (even though they will likely move to another supplier when a more titillating deal comes along) deserve more “affection” than existing loyal ones.

I suppose their long term value to the organization is greater than someone who has been a loyal customer for 5 years.

Or 1 year.

Or 1 month.




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