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February 28, 2013

BE DiFFERENT or be dead: Six Acts of Leadership


The challenge facing a leader in today’s highly volatile economy is formidable. It is to create an organization to Stand-Out NOT Fit-In.

Companies that fail to break away from The Competitive Herd and establish themselves as Unique, Distinctive and Remarkable to their Fans fade away and eventually die. Road kill is everywhere.

This ebook is my message to leaders who want to create sustainable success for their organizations; who want to build something special that will be honored by their customers and loved by their employees.

My Six Acts of Leadership will help managers become Leaders. Who focus on execution rather than “the Plan”. Who carve out a One and ONLY competitive claim for their business to separate themselves from their competitors.

Who create memorable experiences for their Fans.

Who serve their employees to deliver Dazzling service.

What Readers say…

“Roy’s done it again in this concise, quirky, thought-stimulating, cutting-edge and profitable book.  Open up your note-taking app and engage!”—Arthur R. Tymos, President & CEO Creation Technologies, Vancouver BC

“It’s a good fast read, power-packed with hard-core advice for today’s service providers. Following your advice, companies will learn to separate themselves from the herd and provide everlasting value by creating unique individualized customer experiences. What I like is that it’s an easy read, short, precise and focused on getting things done. I will be tweeting about it too.”—Nerio Vakil, President, Total Business Solutions, Mumbai, India

“Roy does an incredible job diagnosing one of the major challenges leaders face today -competitive mediocrity.  Being different and providing over the top customer service are not easy or inexpensive, but they are your best chance at long term success.  Roy’s work is mandatory reading for every FROGBOX Manager”—Doug Burgoyne, CEO, FROGBOX, Vancouver BC

“Roy has put in words something businesses (and governments for that matter) should all aspire to achieve - to dazzle their customers (or us as citizens). His Six Acts of Leadership provide a clear and simple roadmap to achieve a unique strategic path to sustainable success for any organisation, public or private.”—Egon de Haas, Global Director, Government & Public Services,  PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Six Acts of Leadership. I liked it. I liked the flow, I liked the nuggets of info condensed.”—Tina Thompson, CEO MUG Solutions, Vancouver BC

Six Acts of Leadership is available at these eRetailers…


Amazon Kindle 


Sony Reader

Barnes & Noble (for Nook)





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February 27, 2013

A F.REE Vancouver Workshop With Roy

Join Roy Osing, former CMO of TELUS and Author of the ground-breaking book “BE DiFFERENT or be dead: Your Business Survival Guide”, and recently published eBooks “Six Acts of Leadership”, “BE DiFFERENT YOU!”, “EXECUTE First; Plan Second” for this complimentary, One-of-a-Kind Workshop.

In this fast moving 3-hour interactive Session, You will learn how to create a Strategic Game Plan that will separate your organization from The Competitive Herd. AND you will have the opportunity to practice Roy’s unique, simple process.

AND get your own personal Gift copy of BE DiFFERENT or be dead.

AND receive the PDF of Roy’s latest eBook EXECUTE First; Plan Second.

“Roy Osing is a knowledgeable, experienced, savvy marketer who can help any business, large or small design the right plan for their betterment.
Taking a workshop from this man is not only a lot of fun, but most enlightening and thought provoking, as he views the marketing world in a unique and innovative way.
If you have not had a chance to attend one of his half day sessions, at least get hold of one his books. They are both a good and educational read!”—Sandy Chernoff , Owner, Soft Skills for Success, Vancouver BC

Learn Roy’s practical and proven “built-to-execute” strategy-creation process allowing you to get to the strategic issues FAST and execute actions that will leave your competitors in the dust.

Answer 3 Questions and you have your strategy!

1. HOW BIG do you want to be? What are your 24-month growth goals?

2. WHO do you want to SERVE? Which customer groups have the potential to allow you to achieve your HOW BIG growth goals?

3. HOW will you compete and WIN? What is your ONLY Statement? How will you stand-out from your competition?

What critical Objectives do you need to satisfy to make your Strategy come alive?

This Workshop is DiFFERENT. Roy is offering it F.REE

It’s designed for people who are committed to creating an organization that delivers unique and unmatched VALUE for their customers.

The 2012 Workshops held in Vancouver were a sell-out as was the most recent one held June 13, 2013 at the TELUS offices, 768 Seymour Street, Vancouver from 0900 to 1200 hours.

A September Workshop is in the planning stage; Contact Roy if you are interested.

Check out my latest eBooks

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February 25, 2013

Raining down “the right things”

Kicking Horse Coffee, a business that was created in the small BC community of Invermere, was profiled recently.

I lifted the following content directly from the article to highlight for others some of the clues to success. My commentary immediately follows each point.

“The way Rosenfeld tells it, Kicking Horse’s growth is a tale of good timing, strong branding, naivet? and focus. It’s really a tale of doing the right things.

Rosenfeld said. “We discovered there was no good coffee in the grocery stores and we thought, that’s going to be our area of focus.” Kicking Horse became the first in Canada with whole bean, organic, fair trade coffee. Find a vacant niche and exploit it by being the ONLY one operating in the space.

While competitors have size on their side, Kicking Horse priced their coffee as a premium product with good margins and counted on building a loyal, engaged following. When you have something that is unique, price it up. And focus on building a string Fan base to carry your word.

“I remember my mom telling me that Estee Lauder told her ‘Always give samples,’ ” Rosenfeld said. And Rosenfeld did. She sponsored running, biking and other events. “The impact was huge,” she said. “Give them a bag or a can of coffee. It can be cheaper than advertising or more expensive, but it’s tactile. It’s product in hand.” FREE is an excellent way to build a following and earn the right to make a future sale. Mass market advertising is a bad investment.


Nonetheless, Rosenfeld believes naivet? helped her forge ahead. “I never really paid attention to what competition was doing. We just focused on what we were doing. What if they are going to a smaller package or raising their price or lowering the price? You just keep make sure your relationship with the buyers and stores are strong.” Focus on the customer. Do the right thing for them and you won’t have to worry about “the bad guys”. Build barriers to Customer EXIT as opposed to worrying about stuff you can’t control like competitive behavior.

“We’re the underdog in the coffee world. We provided what we said we were going to provide. It’s just a lot of good will.” Deliver what you promise.

“Of course, it was not always smooth sailing. A tea line bombed. “We were just not focusing ... We didn’t brand it properly” Stick to your strengths. Don’t get diluted in your efforts. Winning needs focus and concentration>

“You can’t do everything and you can’t be swayed by other people’s deals and wishes and directions.” Create your Pan and execute it. Learn from execution, not from the anecdotal views of those around you.

Swander brings broad access to the U.S. market, but Kicking Horse will proceed cautiously, Rosenfeld said. Going into Walmart and other giant chains won’t work, Rosenfeld said. “Our brand is not mature enough.” Instead, she’ll seek slow, organic growth through smaller chains. Large supermarkets offer too much choice and are “not as intimate an environment. I don’t think consumers get as engaged,” she said. Seek markets where customers want to engage with you and help build your brand. Slow and steady beats fast and nowhere any day. Build organically on the backs of loyal customers.

She will also steer away from traditional advertising, which she said is better suited to mature brands and will continue the way she started, sponsoring targeted events such as the Banff Mountain Film Festival where she typically hands out 90,000 samples.”Focus on your Fans. Give Free stuff. Let your Fans carry you and grow your business.

A great story of someone who is travelling the BE DiFFERENT journey and getting it right.

Well done Elana…


Check out my BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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February 18, 2013

You! just follow the rules

Follow the Rules.

How often are we told this?

Tell me what to do to conform to the standards that OTHERS think are appropriate. Like Educators. Bosses. Government.

Like businesses that try to CONTROL their customers rather that empower them.

Robs me of independent thought (or at least it tries to).


Imprints an entitlement expectation on me.

Makes me feel powerless.

Like I’m in the herd and can’t move. Like someone else knows what’s good for me. Like I can’t think for myself. Like I’m stupid.

Want to regain the respect of your customers? And build a business that’s ADORED by people?

Get rid of the stupid rules that try and harness the very people that hand their money over to you on a regular basis.

How about creating something that SERVES people rather than controls them?


Check out my BE DiFFERENT or be dead Book Series

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