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September 24, 2012

Nice guys at least finish

“Nice guys finish last”. An expression that gets a lot of under-the-radar talk even though most would deny it. Not politically correct you see.

I think it is unfortunately alive and well in business these days and has a perverse impact on behavior and results.

Aggression. Testosterone-drive. Rush. Push. Overpower. Dominate. Control. Disregard. Do-whatever-it-takes.

I suppose that is what the “Not Nice” guy looks like. One might be led to conclude, therefore, that if we display these characteristics, we will finish FIRST.

Well, we could be in for a rude awakening. I not only disagree that this guy is likely to finish first, I doubt that he will finish PERIOD.

I think “Nice Guys”, on the other hand, WILL finish. Maybe not first. But in the long run they will still be standing when the game is over.


So pick your game. If you want short term results let testosterone rule your being. But if you want to finish, BE customers, fellow employees, business partners and your family.

It doesn’t make you less of a “guy”. Rather it makes you more of a “man”.


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September 17, 2012

Sales or margin: what do you want?

“Selling fewer cars isn’t such a bad thing if you are actually making money.” says Angus MacKenzie, editor-in-chief of Motor Trend magazine reporting on sales if Chrysler vehicles in the US.

Brings up an interesting choice every business faces. Do you want to drive sales by aggressive pricing tactics like promotional discounts, factory rebates and incentives? Many organizations do this, not just car manufacturers. Mobility mompanies, for example, subsidize mobile handsets in order to get low price points. 

OR, do you want to accept a lower sales volume and use price to return a healthy margin from each sale?


You can’t continue to fuel Top Line revenue at the expense of margin. Not a sustainable strategy.

You need a balanced approach.

Seed the market using creative pricing if you must, but always with a long term view of delivering value with positive margin pricing.

In my books, the company with the highest sustainable prices is the winner.

It’s the markets way of rewarding positive value creation.


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September 3, 2012

Trust me

Here are some soundbites from “The Speed of Trust” by Steven Covey Jr. An interesting piece of work that underscores the importance of Trust in business today. A bit pedantic for me but it has some great quotes.

—“..speed to market is now the ultimate competitive weapon.”

—“Low trust slows everything. If you’re not fast, you’re dead”—Jack Welch

—“Economics of Trust: Trust UP = Speed up + Cost down.”

—“Trust your customers and they will keep coming back.”


—“Low trust discounts Results achieved; high trust multiplies (boosts) Results.”

—“Above all, success in business requires….a winning competitive strategy and superb organizational execution. Distrust is the enemy of both.”—Robert Shaw

—“The ability to establish, grow, extend and restore trust…. is the key leadership competency of the new global economy.”

—“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”—Albert Einstein

—“The motive that inspires the greatest trust is genuine CARING—caring about people, purposes, the quality of what you so and society as a whole”

—“... this undeniable connection between caring and performance exists because caring and concern engender trust.”

—“The agenda that generally inspires the greatest trust is seeking mutual benefit - genuinely wanting what’s best for everyone involved.”

—“The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate, but in what you give away”—Dr Wayne Dyer, Author, The Power of Intention

—“... a brand is trust with the customer, trust with the marketplace, or… trust monetized”

—“...nothing is as fast as the speed of trust. Nothing is as profitable as the economics of trust.”

—“The first thing for any leader to do is to inspire trust”—Doug Conant CEO Campbell Soup Company

Trust me and I will help you get stuff done FAST. Trust me and I will stay with you, be your Advocate and spread your word to others.

Trust me and I will reduce your costs of doing business. Trust me and I will build you competitive advantage. Trust me and I will make you more profitable.

Trust me and I will help you survive.

One of the best business propositions I have ever read.


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