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December 29, 2011

The herd does 5 things you need to avoid

Five things herd members do that you need to avoid if you want to be unique, distinctive and remarkable in today’s fast paced competitive world.

1. Copy. The herd is into benchmarking. Trying to match best of breed. You can’t BE DiFFERENT if you fit in. You must stand-out.

2. Feature creep. The herd adds product features, believing this will give them an advantage. Doubt it. Easy to copy and not sustainable.

3. Price. The herd specializes in discount promotions. Advertising low prices. Price is the LAST place you want to go and compete. Expect margins to BE squeezed and customers to go elsewhere when your prices are no longer the lowest. A “race-to-the-bottom” strategy is doomed.


4. Mass advertising. The herd believes that if you push your message out to millions of people you will capture buyers. Whereas this approach will definitely result in sales, it won’t create a loyal stable of advocates for you and what you stand for. Want to earn loyalty? Focus on long term relationship-building. One-on-one conversations. Engage. Target your communication and make it personal. Listen. Don’t flog.

5. Products. The herd pushes products and services. They see themselves in the supply game. They have something they think is good for you and they flog it. They stress features and a narrow set of benefits. Product-centric marketing is old school. Its myopic. Get into the VALUE CREATION mode if you want to leave your customers breathless. Think about their wants and desires and create a package of VALUE to satisfy them. Treat them holistically. Look for opportunities to make their lives easier. Happier. More enjoyable.

Use the herd to plot your journey to BE DiFFERENT.

Understand how they think. Make stand-out choices.


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December 26, 2011

Are you flawed?

NO! You’re not flawed.

You’re unique.
Uncommon… in some way.

Flawed in someone else’s context or frame of reference perhaps. 
But INCREDIBLE in others.


Your challenge is to find a frame that allows you to express yourself.
To realize your potential.
To contribute.
To be happy.
To realize your dreams.

What’s a frame? A social network. A skill. A competency. A hobby. A business. A belief. A physical challenge. A community. A profession. A neighborhood. A family.

Channel your emotions and energy away from defending YOU in the wrong frame. Away from feeling bad that you’re not fitting in.

Rather, discover a frame that is right for YOU.
Where you can stand-out.
Where you can make a difference.


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December 22, 2011

3 colossal time wasters

Here are 3 things that are counter productive in building value in an organization.

1. New Customer Acquisition programs - giving huge incentives to potential new customers to leave their current supplier and move over to you. First, if she moves over to you for your Offer, what makes you think she won’t abandon you for a better Offer.

Second, do you really think that your existing customers won’t find out you are dangling an attractive carrot to others and not them? Give your loyal fans your best deal. Period. Investing in potential loyalty is a waste. Invest in the people who are paying your bills!


2. Mass Marketing Programs - mass markets imply that everyone in the market is “similar”. Products and services are designed for the “average” customer. “Common” messages are created for the market and blasted out hoping they will stick. What a waste.

Treat your customers as individuals with special wants and desires. Talk to them on their terms. Listen to what EACH of them wants and respond in a thoughtful and caring way. Use each of them as the tool to spread your word. Mass Markets don’t exist.

3. Outsourcing call centers - treating a call center as a “cost to be controlled” and shopping the function around to the lowest cost supplier. Applying Force Management to each customer call. Focusing on minimizing the length of every call. “Get ‘em on; Get ‘em off”. What a waste of such a precious asset. Your people talking to your customers is THE most critical activity going on for you.

Loyalty-building chance that should not be squandered away. Build your business by creating value through turned on employees. Encourage your Fans to call you. Relish the conversation. Deliver Happiness.


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December 19, 2011

7 things “putterers” do to be great leaders

Several months ago I wrote an article “Leadership By Serving Around”. My thesis is that BE DiFFERENT leadership is all about helping people. Making it easier for them to do their jobs. Bashing barriers so they can do what they want to do.

A variation on this theme is what I call “PUTTERSHIP”. My observation is that good Leaders are great Putterers.


1. It’s attention to DETAIL. Detail about people and what’s going on for them. It’s about the “Small Picture” where things get done. Where people take individual actions to move the organization forward. At the coal face. If a Leader doesn’t know what’s going on at the Coal Face, how can she help the people working there? Exactly!


2. It’s an uncanny ability to REMEMBER stuff so you can take action later. Being able to remember what has been observed in the heat of the moment for future reference.

3. It’s making the work environment COMFORTABLE for people. Clean. Tidy. Organized. A nice place to work. A Maslov factor I suppose. A basic need that people have. If they are working in a pit, don’t expect them to deliver sterling results.

4. It’s about taking ACTION YOURSELF to what you observe. Putterers don’t delegate. They do. You can’t delegate Small Picture stuff that needs attention. No one other than you can deal with the situation as well because only you FEEL what needs to be done. Furthermore, Delegation of Small Picture issues sends the “I really don’t give a damn” message to all, and your currency with the troops takes a plunge.

5. It’s about constant ACTIVITY. Always on the move. Always looking for things to improve for people. Don’t forget The Small Picture has a high resolution and to be able to deal with issues requires a lot of movement on the Leader’s part. Keep your feet moving!

6. It’s about ANTICIPATION. Being able to apply what you’ve learned in other circumstances to a situation that is developing in front of you. And, as a result, either avoiding an unpleasant ending OR achieving something extraordinary.

7. It’s about SMILING. Putterers love what they so. They smile a lot. And it’s contagious. And it costs nothing. People around them catch the Smile Virus. It spreads. Imagine a workplace where everyone is smiling! Think it’s productive? Ya.

7 Steps to Great Puttership. How many do you practice everyday?


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