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August 29, 2011

Serve and sell

Serve, Serve, Serve and Sell.

The fact is, selling is NOT different from serving if done right. Sales = Serving. Period.

Serve someone well by taking time to truly understand their wants and desires, by showing you care about them and you will discover an opportunity to offer them something you provide that will make their life better. Simple.


The problem with sales today is they are seen as a distinct entity with the responsibility to move what the business supplies to the market.

Most sales organizations are supply-centric and are compensated to flog as much product as they can. Under such a mandate it’s no wonder that the needs of the customer take second priority.

A right angled change is necessary. Sales Serves.

The prime role is to serve in such a way that the opportunities for the company are uncovered through caring engagement and conversation.

Effective selling happens within a serving dynamic not outside it.

And if you do a good enough job at it the customer will be compelled to buy. Compensate your sales people on serving and trust that sales will result.

You won’t be disappointed.

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August 25, 2011

Customer appreciation events are WRONG!

Customer appreciation events are commonplace in business.

Customer appreciation day, week or for the more ambitious, month, are intended to show customers how much they are cared for.

Why? I don’t get the logic. And in most instances it’s hypocritical.

Do we only appreciate or care for people one day (or week, or month) a year?

Do we save up all our love and dump it on them at one time and expect them to thank us and believe we sincerely want to develop a deep intimate relationship with them?


I have always been offended by this marketing tactic because it implies that the business doesn’t give a damn about someone for the rest of the year.

Even worse is the situation where a company with marginal service does this believing it will mend broken customer relationships. Really?

Think you’re fooling people? Think again.

So, to those who want to throw their money into an event that few customers believe in, I say this: invest in providing caring service to your customers EVERY MOMENT of EVERYDAY and you shall reap the rewards of rich fan relationships and maniacal advocates who will spread your word to others.

Keep ‘grinning’ your most precious asset once during the year and you won’t be around long.


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August 20, 2011

Fueled By fans

I have written many Articles on the importance of Fans to an organization.

About the need to focus on them for GROWTH created by the word-of-mouth virus.

About giving THEM the prime choices and the best deals over others.


The one thing I haven’t talked about is the adrenaline push you get from your fans to drive you on to new levels of performance.

When your Fans go nuts about what you do. When they are delirious over your product.

They can on sheer energy alone provide the motivation for you to vault your performance to levels you couldn’t do otherwise.

Take care of your fans and they will provide you with the breakaway emotional energy needed for you to win.

A fan = Your (Promoter, Growth Engine, Energy Source, Trusted Advisor, Friend, Ally).

Choose not to serve them at your own peril.

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August 18, 2011

Great leaders are awesome translators

There are thousands of books out there on leadership. What makes a great leader? What critical tasks to they perform that set them apart.

One aspect of Leadership that rarely gets mentioned is “The Translator”.

Great leaders are incredible translators. They are able to take a complex strategy and make it simple, meaningful and explicit for people in their organization.

They make it so clear that an individual can clearly see what they are required to do differently to support the strategy.


What does the strategy mean to marketing? Sales? Billing? IT?

The translator spends copious amounts of time articulating a Direct Line of Sight for every function in the organization.

If an individual can’t SEE what they should to deliver to the greater good, how can they contribute?

They can’t. Results suffer. Progress is impeded. The organization stalls.

And that is a failure of leaders that don’t see themselves as Translators.


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